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The other footprint

A journey towards sustainability.

Discover how to explore Navarre, leaving a minimum carbon footprint.

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Six stages

Six adventures to enjoy "Alternative Tourism"

  • 1st stage.
    From Tudela to Ujué

    The challenge commences in southern Navarre. Where Stefi, Jon, Fabián and Vero learn all about the market gardens of Tudela, guided by Santi Cordón, the owner of the Trinquete Restaurant, who shows them how their organic zero km vegetables are grown. The same vegetables that they will later taste at his restaurant. The journey continues to Ujué, one of the prettiest villages in Spain.

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  • 2nd stage.
    From Estella to Urbasa

    Our four travellers visit the Quadema Vía Wineries, one of the pioneers in producing organic wine. They then get immersed in the nature of Urbasa and discover the turquoise waters of the Source of the River Urdederra and, to complete the day, they do a section of the Way of St James and finally rest for the night at Viana. 

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  • 3rd stage.

    From Sakana to Plazaola

    The day starts in the depths of the Mendukilo caves, to continue along the Plazaola Rail Trail, from Lekunberri to Leitza. There, our travellers will meet Inaxio, a stone lifter, and get to know the project of Maite, an artisan who, inspired by this sport, links tradition with modernity in a really interesting way.

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  • 4th stage.
    From Baztan to Amaiur.

    Our travellers start out at the Bertiz Natural Park, where their guide, Juan Goñi, explains why it is one of the most important Atlantic forests in the world. The adventure continues at the Baztan Abentura Park, a very different way to travel high up and in style. And, without coming down, they visited Amaiur-Maya, a village that will leave their emotions even higher.

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  • 5th stage.
    From Michelin Stars to pintxos around Pamplona

    The fifth day is served with a good homage to gastronomy. For starters, a visit to the Molino de Urdániz restaurant, where David Yárnoz explained his sustainability project. And, for desert, tasting pintxos in the bars of Pamplona. An unbeatable menu!

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  • 6th stage.
    From Burgui to Villanueva del Arce

    From tradition to new traditions. Our protagonists get up really early to see the "Almadías" (reliving the traditional rafting practice of transporting wood downstream) at Burgui, accompanied by Koldo and Mikel. Then, the four decide to round off their journey by reducing their footprint still further, in a way that you simply can't miss. 

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How did we manage to reduce our footprint?

The journey in figures:

If we had done the journey conventionally, then we would have generated a carbon footprint of 1137 kg.
However, thanks to the fact that we travelled in a different way, we were able to reduce the footprint by 389 kg.

Here we'll explain the key factors involved in making a more sustainable journey yet without giving up all the good things that Navarre has to offer.





The Agri-tourism Project of Maricruz

The Agri-tourism Project of Maricruz

We planted 5 fruit trees which, by the time they are 40 years old, will have absorbed one ton of CO2e.
Much more than the footprint that they produced.

Four travellers and a challenge

Four people committed to sustainability and with the challenge of our journey: to travel across Navarre, leaving a minimum carbon footprint.