Dramatised guided tour of the Roman Villa of Las Musas

  • Idiomas: Castellano

  • Duración: Up to 3 hours

Guided by Vipsania, the lady of the Villa of Las Musas, you will get the chance to visit the ruins of this important rural estate which, apart from housing the luxurious mosaics that decorated the residential part of the Villa, produced the best wine in the area.

Vipsania will make the most of the opportunity to tell you all about her role in the house and in society in general, and to explain what, in her opinion, was the best day of the year: during the Bacchanalia or worship of Bacchus, when she was allowed to drink wine. How could she possibly forego drinking this wine made in her villa? A villa which was one of the most productive and luxurious in the area. An original, fun and entertaining way to visit the archaeological site of the Roman Villa of Las Musas located in Arellano.

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