•    Dramatised tour of the cemetery of Corella. Have you ever been on a guided tour of a cemetery? Have you ever listened to the history of the tombs recounted by the personalities buried inside? In this dramatised guided tour through the cemetery of Corella, you'll get to know their history and lifestyle.
•    Dramatised tour "Death during the Baroque era at the church of Carmen of Corella". An unusual tour of the oldest convent church in Corella, constructed in 1595. Against a backdrop of lit candles, some of the women buried in this temple will recount the history of the place and other interesting details.
•    Dramatised tour "Corella the beautiful town has…" Are you interested in learning about life in Corella in the 12th century in a way that is both fun and didactic? Different settings will allow you to discover how the town's inhabitants lived, a town in which three cultures lived side by side: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. A stroll through the old quarter will show you the town's typical products, lifestyle and its cemeteries.

01 ene - 31 dic