• Company: Mauka

  • Idiomas: Basque, Castellano

Do you think you'll be able to find your way out of the forest with your wits alone? The Escape Forest works in the same way as an Escape Room, only that this time it's not about escaping from a room by using your wits and clues to find a code that lets you escape, instead you need to use your skills in the middle of a forest and solve all types of riddles, orientation tests and games related to biodiversity and the culture of the Roncal Valley.

In this case, the shepherds in the Roncal Valley are getting ready for eleven long days of transhumance, travelling with their two thousand head of cattle from the Bardenas Nature Reserve in the south to the Pyrenees in the north. It's a long, hard journey. Will they be able to reach their destination without running into any surprises along the way? Help them by putting your skills to the test in the heart of nature!

01 abr - 31 oct