• Idiomas: Euskera

  • Duración: Hasta 3 horas

The Irati Forest is a feast for the senses in autumn. Its woods turn wonderful shades of red, wild mushrooms and fungi are part of the menu, and walking along tracks and kicking through great drifts of fallen leaves is an awesome experience. Irati is irresistible and, in this season, it is even more so.

For this reason, the Nature Interpretation Centre at Ochagavía invites you to discover its firs and centuries-old beech trees and all the splendour of nature through these free educational tours.

So book your place and enjoy the show!

25 sep - 25 sep

02 oct - 02 oct

09 oct - 09 oct

16 oct - 16 oct

23 oct - 23 oct

30 oct - 30 oct