• Idiomas: Basque, French, English

  • Duración: Up to 3 hours

Nature, guided horse-riding and a host of surprises on the way, for all the family. Are you up for enjoying an experience that is different, safe and for all ages?
This is a two hour activity in which one person walks alongside the horse, helping to guide it and making it easier for the rider to handle the horse, so that the experience is a safe activity.

It starts at the Hostel Haizea Auritzberri-Espinal, just behind the petrol station. The trail is some 7 kms long, most of which is through woodlands while there also parts through meadows. Along the way there is a menhir lying on the ground, the dolmen of Arzilo and a bunker that watches over the path coming from Txasperro.

Enjoy stunning scenery and discover the importance of the Trans-Pyrenees crossing since prehistoric times.

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21 jun - 07 dic