ORGANIC honey from Bera

  • Company: CPAEN

  • Idiomas: Castellano

Have you ever seen close up how the honeybees work? Learn about how organic honey is made through a visit to an apiary with views towards mount Larrun in Bera. There you will see the bee hives and even open one, to round off your visit with a tasting of the exquisite organic honey.

Very close by, between the villages of Igantzi and Arantza, lies the San Juan Xar Nature Reserve. This natural sanctuary was declared a Nature Reserve in 1987, given that it is the only native woodland in the peninsula in which the common hornbeam can be found. 

And as these plans are sure to give you an appetite, take the opportunity to stop off at the Benta de Donamaria. Among beautiful meadows and mountains stands this restaurant serving delicious home-made dishes based on seasonal produce. An ideal ambience for all the family.

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