Practice Slow Food and eat in a "0 Km" restaurant

​​​​​​​How many times have you set out to make a change in your life, by improving your eating habits while doing your bit to protect the environment? Well, stop thinking and take action, because in Navarre we're here to help and make it easier for you. It's precisely here where we are proud to offer a cuisine that is local, responsible and, above all, based on high quality products.

And what actually is Slow Food?
It's a movement directed at promoting the consumption of good, local products in harmony with nature. The association responsible for promoting this philosophy in Navarre is the farm school Granja Escuela Ultzama which has even created the first Slow Food school in the world, under the name of "Proyecto caracol" or the snail project.

And what about the 0 Km restaurants?
These restaurants offer you dishes made with raw materials that are primarily organic, that don't include any genetically modified food and that are obtained directly from the producers within a 100 km radius.

Here are the 0 Km restaurants that are Slow Food-certified in Navarre, according to their location from north to south:

Join this philosophy and start to enjoy the change, discovering the magic of local food and savouring it at your leisure...

09 ene - 30 dic