Privilege of the Union and Market of the Three Boroughs

On the 8th of September each year, Pamplona relives a key milestone in its history, namely the Privilege of the Union, a treaty by which the three boroughs making up the medieval city, each of which had its own walls, flag and governor, left their quarrels and disagreements behind and were definitively united. This day is marked by the parade of the city councillors in their ceremonial robes, accompanied by the procession of the much-loved Giants and Bigheads, while the Pamplonesa Municipal Band and the Pamplona Choral Society entertain us with music and concerts.

What's more, the festivities carry on until the weekend, with street events organised from Friday to Sunday including a vibrant medieval market of the Tres Burgos (Three Boroughs) where you can purchase cheese, chocolate, cold meats and a host of local produce as well as all kinds of objects made by our local artisans. The extensive programme of events is rounded off with street entertainment, regional dancing, concerts and activities to keep the kids entertained.

A great weekend to enjoy in this beautiful city!

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08 sep - 08 sep