Rosé wine festival in Navarre

As the saying goes, "spring quickens the blood", and at the Rosé Festival of Navarre which is organised  in Pamplona, you'll be able to appreciate the truth of this.

Following the opening of the first bottle of rosé, a large number of Navarre winemakers will present and serve their wines all morning, at the tables set up along the street. So order a glass of wine and get an insight into the virtues of some of the most emblematic wines of our land, their freshness, their aroma and, above all, their quality.

And to create a unique atmosphere, there will be music, pintxos and pink hats, a true classic in this colourful day.

NEW LOCATION! : Paseo del Bosquecillo (Next to Portal de San Nicolás).

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01 jun - 01 jun