The banks of the river Arga, as it crosses through the capital city of Pamplona, have been converted into a walkway of great natural diversity that is almost 16 kilometres long. However, this is only a small section of this River Park in Navarre, which runs alongside the rivers Arga, Ultzama and Elorz, spanning a distance of 50 kilometres from Sorauren and Irotz to Ibero. Its million square metres make it the most important green belt in the district.

This river walk is the symbiosis between water and vegetation, featuring age-old bridges, dams, mills, footbridges, gardens, parks, jetties, picnic areas, fishing points, farms, market gardens, fenced-off fields with horses and cows, fountains, a Jai Alai court and even an Environmental Education Museum.

On occasions, the river Arga runs close to the city, while on others it hides away, combining areas for sports activities, frequented by anglers, canoeists and cyclists, with idyllic havens of peace. On some stretches, the river is wide and calm, while it flows stronger at the dams and narrower parts... The river Arga circles Pamplona and crosses it. So get out and enjoy this beautiful walk!

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