The capture of Judas in Cabanillas

In the Town hall Square of Cabanillas, a town in southern Navarre close to Tudela, a unique event is held on Easter Sunday. At 13:00 hours, following the Procession of the Encounter in which a girl dressed as an angel tells the Virgin the good news, the “Capture of Judas” then takes place. 

Although this event is also repeated in other towns, Cabanillas gives it a unique touch. The characters are real! From the 19th century onwards, the young people from the town have been dressing up to bring the Romans to life, chasing after Judas in order to bring him to justice. Judas, with a red and silver tunic and chainmail headpiece, flees, hides among the crowd who shout and jeer at him, goes into some houses where he steals food and even jumps off one of the balconies. 

A frantic race taking place before the expactant gaze of the onlookers. In approximately fifteen minutes, the Romans catch Judas and behead him as a fitting punishment for a traitor.

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