Tourist Gymkhana "The Origins of the Olentzero"

Did you know that the popular Christmas character, the Olentzero originated from Lesaka? This charcoal maker comes down from the mountains on Christmas Eve with presents for the boys and girls of Navarre, the Basque Country and Iparralde, which is the Northern Basque Country.

This time, winter has come early in Lesaka, something that hasn't happened for many years, and it has taken its inhabitants by surprise. Neither the wood or the charcoal is ready, and the snow is making the task difficult. No matter what it takes, the Olentzero must ensure that the townspeople keep warm while their homes and streets are covered in snow.

Are you going to help him in his mission? Solve the clues that you'll find along the way and enjoy the lovely town of Lesaka.

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01 ene - 31 dic