In July, Bargota becomes the capital of witchcraft. Recreating a 17th century atmosphere, this small town located in Tierra Estella, 7 kilometres from Viana in southern Navarre, hosts a number of witchcraft-related activities. It comes as no surprise to learn that this place was selected as the venue for holding this witchcraft festival, given that one of its most legendary characters is Johanes, the sorcerer, whose shadow can still be seen riding the starry sky...

During the festival, the town's inhabitants decorate its streets with banners, bales of straw and antique furniture in order to relive the past. What is more, there are a host of activities to complete a programme full of magic: a medieval market, the sale of artisan products from Navarre and themed corners. A stall selling potions, another for kids' witchcraft, an akelarre (witches' gathering) and an inquisition corner are just some of the key points that visitors will find. All combined with music, tours and talks to clear up any doubts about the enigmatic world of witchcraft.

14 jul - 18 jul