Active tourism in Navarre: the freedom to enjoy sports in nature

Active tourism in Navarre: the freedom to enjoy sports in nature

Trails, bike routes and fantastic sports infrastructures all await you in the Kingdom

Active tourism can be enjoyed across the whole of Navarre.

The vast range of landscapes offered in the Autonomous Community make this an extraordinary space for you to enjoy your favourite sport in nature.

Whether you prefer the tranquillity of a walk through allotments and charming villages, or the Navarrese heights. Whatever you choose, you will be accompanied at all times by the most varied landscapes, breath-taking panoramic views and first-class infrastructures as you get active in touch with Mother Earth.

The TOP most sports to enjoy in the open air

The TOP most sports to enjoy in the open air

  • Bikes and MTB

    Bikes and MTB

    If you're into two wheels, then you've come to the ideal place, because Navarre is a destination that offers some well-prepared bike trails.


    For a relaxing tour to enjoy every change of scenery, choose one of its five greenways. This will allow you to combine your hobby with a little bit of history about the place. Another option is to do one of the stages of the Way of St James or the EuroVelo Route. However, if you 're looking for complete freedom, then pay attention to our MTB spaces.

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  • Trail walking

    Trail walking

    Hundreds of kilometres of paths and trails between oak and beech woods, alongside rivers, waterfalls and river sources; others along the greenways or more suitable for practising Nordic Walking. You can also find others that give you a small insight into culture, such as those that run alongside megalithic monuments and those that conceal treasures.


    They come in every colour and there's something for everyone. So there's no excuse for not staying active!

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Rail Trails in Navarre

Travelling, walking or switching off in a perfectly adapted space filled with charm is easier than ever thanks to Rail Trails.

These routes travel along disused former railway lines, filled with history and barely touched by traffic, making them an easy and safe alternative to getting back to nature. These nature walks are perfect for families, people with reduced mobility, older people, or anyone looking to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Plunge into the greenery of any of the five Rail Trails in Navarre.

All about the Rail Trails of Navarre

We are sure you have heard that Navarre is the gateway to the entrance of the Way into Spain. Right?

Though you may not be planning to cover it all, perhaps you could manage a stretch? Just out of curiosity, to see what the pilgrimage feels like. Here are your Jacobean options through the Kingdom. You may even be tempted to follow the Way sooner than you planned.

Need a shot of adrenaline? If so, check out these adventure options

Just look a little closer and you will see that nature tourism in Navarre can be as active as you want it to be. Nature in this region has been working hard for thousands of years to forge its landscapes.

The result? Countless options for you to enjoy adventure sports. Here are some of your choices:

Grandes Recorridos y Ascensiones de altura

TOP nature activity ranking

If you are going to spend a couple of days in this region with its landscapes of dreams, you must try out some of these activities, which are all completely different, but each have a charm that you will probably remember your whole life.

Click on the options to discover all the activities offered by companies to help you plunge headfirst into nature:

See all nature plans in Navarre

Adventure parks

Adventure parks

These locations fuse nature, sport and fun. The ultimate “all in one”.

You can come here to whizz down ziplines, walk over hanging bridges, enjoy water activities, and even see animals in their natural habitats, but they have so much more to offer.

All in a perfectly integrated natural setting: smiles guaranteed.

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  • Sendaviva

  • Irrisarri Land

  • Baztan Abentura Park

  • Urbasa Abentura

  • Bertiz Abentura Park

  • Artamendia Adventure Park

  • Beigorri Adventure Park

Other enjoyable options in Navarre

If you are craving something other than active tourism, here are even more alternatives:

  • Nature


    Plunge into the greenest greenery you have ever seen. The Kingdom’s nature has that je ne sais quoi that will capture you, with its dreamlike landscapes, millennial gorges, forests of legends and magical caves.

  • Gastronomy


    Thrill your taste buds with some authentic Navarrese cuisine. All washed down, of course, with a regional wine.

  • Wellness and wellbeing

    Wellness and wellbeing

    A walk in the fresh air, a spa session or a good massage, are all great ways to recharge your batteries in Navarre.