Everyone’s dying to enjoy culture and music safely again. 
At this festival you’ll have the chance to see a first-rate documentary about folk, concerts of new and other more traditional music, and to enjoy Martirio live, too. You’ll even be able to join in with an artistic residency featuring El Baile de la Era 2.1. Sounds good, right?
Check out the programme and come along to live a unique experience in Estella.
On Wednesday 21, the documentary ‘Folk’, on the recovery of folklore in a globalised society, will be screened at the Los Llanos Culture Centre and there will be a chance to talk with the director Pablo García Sanz. On Thursday 22, there’ll be a concert by the local group Klof showcasing a mixture of songs from their different works with the participation of former members of the group. On Friday 23, after the performance of the artistic residency, there will be a concert by Mursego, who won the Goya Award for the best original score for the film Akelarre. Finally, on Saturday 24, the popular artist Martirio will put on her show ‘Travesía’, on this occasion in the company of Raúl Rodríguez, her son.
Confluencias Festival, a different concept which unites tradition and evolution. A multidisciplinary, social and educational celebration, declared an event of social interest by the Navarrese Council of Culture and the Arts.

Fecha 2023 pendiente

12 jul - 16 jul