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Your A-Z guide to discovering Navarre

Hey! If you are here it is because you have decided to come to Navarre, and that can only be good news.

You may have been browsing the website and have already decided what you want to do on your trip to the Kingdom. Or perhaps, you are more into downloading guides and have come across this little gem.

In any case, below is a vast collection of guides to Navarre, ranging from the classic (yet practical) plans and maps, to guides of routes, nature activities, gastronomy, MICE, health... And of course, the Way of St James.

Scroll down to see them all.

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Complete guide to Navarre

We have tried to condense everything that Navarre has to offer into a single leaflet, with sections about everything you cannot miss during your visit: natural landscapes, the Way of St James, Pamplona and its surrounds, medieval villages, its historical heritage and gastronomy.

Below you will find guides for visitors who love to get about:

If you are seeking walks in nature and fresh air on your visit, you can do all this in Navarre, whilst enjoying its incredible and varied landscapes. You will soon see just how different the north is from the south.

If you are looking for a bit of two-wheel action, download the leaflet with all the information about cycle-tourism in Navarre, bike routes and mountain bike spaces.


Download the application to get all the practical information you need to explore the essential trails in Navarre. Their location, duration, profile, type and the option to download them if you have no connection.

Routes with history

Navarre is the gateway to the Way of St James in Spain.

You have four different options: the French Route with its two branches, the Baztan Route and the Ebro Route.

If you need practical information, download these two leaflets, which will come in very handy.

If you love walking and discovering different historical landscapes, a good option would be the Ignatian Route. More information here.

Remember, there is also room for a hearty meal, pampering your body and even organising a congress

So, if you want more information about any of these fields, choose one of these leaflets:

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E infórmate de los mejores planes de Turismo en Navarra

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Tourism Photo Library of Navarre

Click here if you're looking for photos of Navarre or you'd like to share and published your best photos.

Must-see list?

That’s all the leaflets, but we have plenty more information. If you want to keep browsing and find out what not to miss on your visit to the Kingdom, here are our carefully selected recommendations:

  • Santa María de Eunate Must-see CULTURE

    Must-see CULTURE

    The essential milestones along the Way of St James, Romanesque gems, and museum visits.

  • Alloz Reservoir Must-see NATURE

    Must-see NATURE

    A selection of outstanding valleys, forests and natural landscapes.

  • Pincho made with asparagus Must-see GASTRONOMY

    Must-see GASTRONOMY

    The culture of pintxos, restaurants specialising in roasts, cider houses and accompaniments.