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Accessible tourism in Navarre: enjoy the Kingdom with no limits

Accessible tourism in Navarre offers you a host of experiences that are easy to enjoy and difficult to forget. Its nature, culture and cuisine can adapt to your way of travelling.

Castles and palaces, trails and woodlands, museums and archaeological sites, villages, towns and cities, bars and restaurants, hotels and country holiday homes… We know what you need to make the most of your stay in Navarre. That's why we've searched the Internet and sorted the information so that it's just how you need it, so that you can spend all your time enjoying your stay.

Check out your requirements and get all the details on the accessibility offered by the resources in question. Given that this information may be subject to change and to different interpretations, you are advised to contact the person in charge in order to clarify any doubts and check that the accessibility conditions are still the same.

What accessibility and type of information are you interested in?

Scroll down this page to get information on accessible restaurants and activities in Navarre. Click on the following buttons to access detailed information on places to visit and accommodation in Navarre with hearing, cognitive, physical and visual accessibility.

Accesibilidad en Oficinas de Turismo

Most of the staff have been trained to meet the needs of persons with different types of disability and almost all the Tourist Information Offices in the Navarre Government network have counters that are adapted to persons with reduced mobility. 

The Tourist Information Office in Pamplona also has an induction loop and, on the front of the building, there is a Navilens marker.

Navilens sign on the door of the Pamplona Tourist Office
In a restaurant a girl ties a red scarf to another blind girl who is sitting at the table while they both laugh
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Accessible restaurants in Navarre

We've put together a list of links to those restaurants in Navarre that are advertised as accessible on specialist platforms. 

You'll see that they propose filters to find out about the accessibility details of their facilities. We would recommend taking the following steps:

1.    Select the accessibility filter that is right for you.
2.    Choose the restaurant that you consider to be the most suitable
3.    And, finally, before booking, contact the restaurant to make sure that the premises and services meet all your functional needs.

This website allows you to apply 2 different filters:

  • Accessible to persons with a disability: to access the list click here
  • Celiacs: to access the list click here

On this website, you'll find a list of accessible restaurants simply by entering “Navarra” (Navarre) in the general search engine. You can also search for other resources such as hotels, companies, etc. To access the list click here

On TripAdvisor
On this website we searched for “restaurante silla de ruedas” (restaurant wheelchair) in Navarre and we came up with this list

On Google Maps
In this case, we searched for “restaurantes accesibles” (accessible restaurants) in Navarre. To access the list click here and, before completing your booking, make sure that the restaurant meets your needs.

Bon appétit!

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Companies offering accessible tourism activities in Navarre

In Navarre, there are a number of activities companies that take account of the different accessibility needs of visitors.

Do cultural routes, go on trails and do activities in nature, visit wineries and museums, explore villages, towns and cities... Here are a few suggestions to choose from.

  • Snowshoes, the perfect activity for visually impaired persons

    If you have visual impairment or low vision, in winter there is an extremely relaxing activity that will allow you to walk along with no need to hold a guidance pole or to have a person to guide you, namely snowshoeing! This winter version of hiking is really safe and easy given that the snow makes the terrain uniform and blind persons or with low vision can be guided very naturally. You simply need to follow the footprints of the person in front of you in the group.

    To get started in this activity, we would particularly recommend the circuits marked out at the mountain resorts of Larra-Belagua (Roncal Valley) and Abodi (Salazar valley). There is a snowshoe and pole rental service at both resorts.

    If you feel like discovering new trails, there are companies offering guide services for short and simple trails and also for full-day excursions. An example of one such company is Mirua, which is well experienced in guiding persons with visual impairment.

  • On a tandem bike along the rail trails or the Way of St James

    If you're into tandem biking either because you're visually impaired or simply because you enjoy it, then you're bound to have been on some rail trails. There are five in Navarre, which we'll go into in more detail on the specific pages for each type of accessibility.

    On the Tarazonica Rail Trail, between Tudela and Tarazona, the company Activa Experience hires tandems and helmets to do the 22 linear kilometres of this easy well-compacted trail.

    The firm Bicigrino also offers tandems for hire to do the Way of St James in good company. This firm delivers and collects the tandem so that there's no need for you to take it to the start of the route.

  • Hiking for all: with a Joëlette chair and a guidance pole.

    In Navarre, persons with reduced mobility can now do trekking with a Joëlette chair, thanks to companies such as Mirua, which work with guides with extensive experience in this. Get in contact with their team to learn about all the options available in any part of the region. Aralar, Sakana, Tierra Estella, Pyrenees…

    And, apart from snowshoes, those with visual impairment can do different trails with varying difficulty levels by using a guidance pole. Mirua also has extensive experience in the use of this safe guiding system.

  • The Bardenas Reales in adapted buggies and 4x4.

    One of the most surprising natural settings in Navarre is the Bardenas Reales desert, located in the south of the region. For many years now, the company Activa Experience has been doing guided tours of the desert's tracks and gullies with buggies adapted for persons with reduced mobility. They also do routes through the area in 4x4 which are accessible to those with visual or hearing impairments. Whether you're the driver or passenger, the vehicles are designed to allow you to get on board and travel in comfort and safety. The starting point for the excursions is at the accessible hotel Rural Suite, in Cascante.

  • Wineries in which you can feel the wine

    In Navarre, there are a number of wineries offering inclusive tours and experiences, adapted to suit all needs. These include the following wineries: Ochoa, Otazu, Manzanos Azagra, Máximo Abete, Pagos de Aráiz and Piedemonte.

    For the tour of the Ochoa winery, there are audio guides, pictograms and QR codes that take visitors to subtitled videos giving information on the winery and its way of understanding wine. The signage, floors, walls and furniture have a sharp colour contrast and some of the exhibits can be touched. Moreover, the access, tour and final tasting are all adapted to persons with reduced mobility. At the Máximo Abete winery, in San Martín de Unx, persons with visual impairment can enjoy explanations of the tour and learn about the wines in Braille lettering and, at Pagos de Aráiz, in Olite, the tour is adapted for physical accessibility.

    Contact the wineries in advance, given that some can arrange tours that are completely adapted to your needs and to those of your group.

    And, for those who need Easy-to-Read information, the Navarra Designation of Origin has published an introductory guide to the wines of Navarre in an Easy-to-Read format, the perfect complement to your tour of any of these wineries.

  • Stroll through the history, art and traditions of Navarre

    Explore the history and the customs of cities, towns and villages and their inhabitants. This is something that you can enjoy in Navarre, regardless of how you get around.

    Companies such as Viajes Haizea, Dinamic and Navarra Adentro are well-experienced in designing inclusive and accessible activities and routes that will allow you to learn all about the culture, history and customs of some really authentic places in Navarre. So it's just a matter of getting in touch with them to enquire about their services and to decide on which one best suits you.

    Tudela Tours offers a convenient tour through Tudela, the capital of La Ribera in southern Navarre, for persons with reduced mobility.