Plaza del Castillo square at night

City breaks

Get to know the most urban side of Navarre: the charm of Navarrese cities

Urban tourism in Navarre is your sure bet to make the most of every second you’re away from your routine.

If you opt for Pamplona, you won’t be disappointed by its first-class historical heritage, the old town, replete with mediaeval churches, the great atmosphere and all its green spaces. And even more so when you combine all that with the splendour of its mediaeval walls, its gastronomy – with a special tip of the hat to its pintxos – and its marvellous cultural agenda.

If you prefer smaller cities, you can take your time to explore the amazing cultural heritage of places like Tudela and Estella-Lizarra, and combine the experience with great food, nature and a less hectic pace. Because you can do heaps in one weekend.

And you’ll soon see, as you discover other things to do during your break, that you’ll want more and wish to come back!

Where do you want to start?

Pamplona, the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre

And the perfect place to spend the weekend. Or to make the most of a few days off.

Because Pamplona has so much to offer:

  • Bar of pinchos

    “Fill your boots” gastronomy with an all-star line-up of pintxos.

  • Aerial view of La Ciudadela

    Top-of-the-line historical heritage and heaps of green areas.

  • Concert at the Gayarre Theatre

    A non-stop cultural life in a restless city.

  • Sanferminero atmosphere with

    And the San Fermín festival, intangible cultural heritage recognised by UNESCO and known worldwide.

Oh, and this is just the beginning... 

We’re going to tell you everything on a jam-packed page.

To know whereabouts you are and what's cooking

Use a city street map to explore Pamplona and download the leaflet with the times of everything you can visit.

More ideas for your stay in Navarre

Although we’ve only talked about city breaks here, you should know that Navarre has many more options when it comes to a short holiday. Here are a few.

  • Dessert plate, creamy cheese Gastronomy


    Pintxos, garden vegetables and world-renowned cuisine will be the delight of your getaway. You may go home with a few more pounds, but you’ll be happier than ever.

  • Church of Santa María de Sangüesa at night Culture


    Thousands of years of history that offer a landscape jam-packed with castles, cathedrals, walled enclosures and monuments. Our recommendation: immerse yourself in local culture in the company of official guides, it's really worth it.

  • Forest and information point in Irati Wellness and wellbeing

    Wellness and wellbeing

    A woodland walk to breathe in fresh air, a good soak in thermal waters or resting in a charming hotel are your best allies to recharge your batteries in Navarre.

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