Garden of a rural house with chairs and tables

Rural tourism in Navarre

Charming accommodation in tranquil surroundings, just for you and yours.

Safe homes, open spaces, surrounded by nature.

If Rural Tourism has always appealed to you, in these testing times we are living, this option has become unbeatable. Safe homes, open spaces, surrounded by nature.

Navarre started out in 1991 as a pioneer in this kind of accommodation, and today it is still a frontrunner. In fact, it is hard to find any free bookings if you leave your peak-season reservation too late. All things considered, these are probably some of the reasons why:

  • Many houses are stately homesteads, fine examples of traditional architecture
  • Most are located in picturesque villages surrounded by green landscapes
  • There are many rural holiday homes available for large groups
  • Quality is a priority
  • The owners are good people
  • The overall score is remarkably high

Detail of balcony with flowers in Iraizotz
  • Types of houses

    There are many to choose from: large or small houses, stone or brick, isolated in the middle of the valley or located in northern or southern villages with all their differences, whole houses or just rooms...

  • Other rural accommodation

    If we broaden the concept of Rural Tourism to include accommodation that aligned with the idiosyncrasies of the location, we can choose boutique rural hotels with all the luxuries, to unique accommodation that is completely in sync with nature, such as home-caves or tree-top accommodation.

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  • The rural experience

    Despite their differences, all these accommodation options offer us a unique experience: enjoy a tranquil setting, the peaceful local culture, and a few days of unwinding in touch with nature.

    El algunas ofrecen además experiencias de agroturismo compartiendo su día a día con la agricultura y el ganado, y lo mismo ayudas a hacer pan, que mermeladas, que ves parir a un ternero o recoges los huevos de las gallinas. A los peques le encanta, y a nosotros, también.

  • What can I expect from rural holiday homes?

    If you are coming for the weekend - and also if you are coming for more time - arrival day can sometimes be like this: arrive on Friday, ask the owners about options in the area, inspect the home, be blown away by all the details, delight in the views, prepare a snack, pour yourself a drink on the porch, plan what you are going to do over the weekend, (if the weather is fine) a barbecue or a meal in a local restaurant, free time in the garden, no doubt include a forest walk or stroll through town (with refreshments, of course), perhaps try out an activity or an interesting visit... And long, long after-dinner conversations.

    Then, sleep peacefully till you are awoken by the cock’s crow.

    The simplest plans are the best ones.

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Activities and things to do to make the most of your time in the countryside

Yes, it’s so nice in this house in the country, but don’t you want to get out and do something a bit more active?

The options in the countryside are infinite: do some of the activities organised by the local tourism activity firms or visit an adventure park. Visit a school farm or a local producer to contact with the essence of the place.

And if culture is more your thing, you’re at the gateway to the Way of St James and in the ancient Kingdom of Navarre, so with all the museums and civil and religious architecture, you won’t find the right time to go back to the house.

Indicate where your rural accommodation is on the activities finder and you’ll see everything you can do and see by clicking on the surrounding area.

When are you coming?

Get the most out of your stay in Navarre with options ideally suited for every season.