Spa in Elgorriaga

Spas in Navarre

Navarre offers you two real temples of health, one in the north, the other in the south.

And, listen up, they offer all kinds of treatments to keep your menssana in corpore sano. Even the most innovative ones.

So, close your eyes and imagine spending your much-cherished holidays away from all the stress, in one of these spa and leisure centres.

Take a dip in our hydrothermal pools, get all types of massages, experiment with therapies with chocolate, oil or wine as the main ingredient.

Or try a steam bath, wrap yourself in mud, or nourish your skin in a thousand and one ways.

So, now that you've got this clear, all that remains is to decide on which spa to go to in Navarre:

  • Elgorriaga Spa

    This is the one in the north, specifically in the municipality of Elgorriaga.

    When you get there, you'll see that it's an extensive estate which has the medicinal mineral water spring with the highest concentration of salts in Europe - get ready to float!

    Here you're going to be able to immerse yourself in whirlpools, pamper your skin in Turkish baths and saunas, relax with an oriental massage and experience the benefits of chocolate therapy or olive oil therapy.

    What's more, there's a gym and a hotel specifically designed with your relaxation in mind.

    Check out the Balneario Elgorriaga spa website
  • Fitero Spa

    In the south, you'll find this age-old spa, built over two springs that have been adapted to offer you two separate facilities: the Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer spa and the Virrey Palafox spa.

    The most popular treatments at these facilities are the bubble baths, the thermal sauna, the circular shower and the water jets.

    That's to say, everything you need to recharge your batteries while on holiday.

    A hotel is also part of the complex, if you're thinking about staying in this haven of peace which, by the way, is located in the municipality of Fitero.

    Check out the Balneario de Fitero spa website

Hotels dedicated to your wellness

We're talking about hotels where you can set up your base camp, allowing you to explore Navarre and to discover all the good things it has to offer. Just follow the links below:

  • Reckrea Hotels

    You've got another selection here, in this case rural accommodation in Navarre.

    These are all small hotels, far from the noise and distraction of city life and with everything you want for an awesome break!

    All these hotels are exceedingly well-appointed and are noted for the warm and friendly service of their staff, together with the utmost respect for the natural environment.

    View the Reckrea Hotels in Navarre
  • Nobles del Reyno Hotels

    If you're looking for something exclusive, then the Nobles del Reyno Hotels, or fine hotels of the Kingdom of Navarre, are ideal for your stay.

    This is a carefully selected group of boutique hotels, most of which are located in the countryside, so that your rest - and disconnection - are more than guaranteed.

    View the Nobles del Reyno Hotels
  • Hospedería de Leyre Hotel

    This is a small hotel that is part of the Monastery of Leyre, one of the main historical monuments in Navarre.

    This is an ideal place if you're looking for almost divine peace and tranquillity and rest in a rural environment.

    View the Hospederia de Leyre Hotel
  • 4 and 5 star spa hotels

    Offering you hotel and wellness facilities of the utmost luxury.

    All are safe and are located, as is to be expected, in some exceptional areas.

    If you decide on this option, then you'll be able to enjoy a restful stay in rooms in which every little detail has been taken care of, to make you feel like a real king or queen of Navarre.

    View hotels with spa

Trail walking

Trail walking in Navarre is something special.

A countryside of contrasts that changes with every step you take, with scenery that is so varied that you get the impression that you've travelled thousands of kilometres.

The well-maintained trails will lead you to delightful villages, allowing you to completely switch off and to get back to basics.

Because these trails have this special something that is difficult to explain. A combination of nature and peace, which is really good for your health.

Group hiking in the forest

You simply need to decide which trail to take:

nice rail trails, trails alongside rivers that take you to the river source, others that go round reservoirs, paths that take you into the depths of the woodland or those that lead you to some stunning viewpoints...

and if you like the philosophy of Nordic walking, then we can offer you a number of centres located all oooooooover Navarre.

It's a difficult choice, isn't it?

I want to do trail walking in Navarre

Relaxation time: get immersed in nature

Because nature is synonymous with wellness.

Walks in nature in which peace and tranquillity accompany you every step of the way. And pure fresh air that fills your lungs with oxygen and health.

Can you feel it?

And all this in settings that appear to come out of a fairytale. Just like these:

  • View of a village in the Baztan Valley

    Baztan Valley

  • Bardenas Reales Natural Park

    Bardenas Reales Natural Park

  • Irati Forest

    Irati Forest

  • Source of the Urederra River

    Source of River Urederra

  • Goat at the entrance of the Zugarramurdi Cave

    Zugarramurdi and other caves

  • Viewpoint over the Foz do Arbaiun

    Gorges of Lumbier and Arbaiun

  • Bertiz Natural Park

    Bertiz Nature Park

  • Roncal

    Valley of Roncal-Belagua

  • Flock of sheep in the Natural Park of Urbasa-Andía

    Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

  • Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar

    Sierra de Aralar

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The culture of relaxation

Because if Navarre is brimming with nature, culture doesn't lag behind.

That's why you're invited to take a stroll through the rich historical past of Navarre, the heritage of prehistoric, Roman, Muslim and Christian peoples who, with their splendour, have given the Kingdom an enviable rich heritage.

On your path, you'll find beautiful Romanesque churches, monastery cloisters that are an invitation to meditation, the most traditional granary cribs and mills, and legendary spots such as Roncesvalles or the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar.

Be warned, this is just a small taste of what Navarre has in store for you! Because there's much, much more.

I want to see more culture in Navarre
Mujer contemplando el pueblo de Roncal

Health tourism in Navarre

Find out everything Navarre has to offer in Health Tourism

When are you coming?

Discover what Navarre can offer in each season

  • Go to Winter Snowy landscape with trees


    There's nothing like a nice stew by the fire for those winter days in which you'd like to feel at home.

  • Go to Spring Landscape with green and yellow fields


    An incredible season, full of colour, trails, cuisine and lots and lots of nature.

  • Go to Summer Sailing boats in the Alloz swamp


    The impressive mother earth and open air activities are yet again the protagonists of the hottest months of the year.

  • Go to Autumn Landscape with the mountain in ochre tones


    Some destinations in the countryside of Navarre take on a special look in this pleasant season of the year.