Navarre by bike

Navarre by bike

Landscape and sport on every path

Are you a two-wheel fanatic? Do you love getting out and about without the stress of a car? If so, you are in luck, because Navarre is ideal for being discovered by bike.

The variety of landscapes in this region give us terrain for all tastes. There are endless flatlands and just as many hills; desert landscapes and leafy forests; a network of Rail Trails and Nature Trails covering over 120 kilometres.

The infrastructures are enviable, and the views... You will be left speechless: they are quite simply unforgettable.

So, don’t hesitate: if pedalling is your bag, bring your bike or rent one on your next visit. We will take care of the spectacular surroundings for you.

Reasons for discovering Navarre by road and mountain bike

  • Access places cars cannot go

    Access places cars cannot go

  • Discover the region at a leisurely pace

    Discover the region at a leisurely pace

  • Thousands of kilometres of routes

    Thousands of kilometres of routes

To get into gear...

have a look at the Navarre by bike leaflet and get those pedals moving.

Types of routes you will find here

As we have already let slip, discovering Navarre by bike is a plan that will fit in no matter who you are travelling with. With a partner, family, friends, or alone, we have options for all cyclists. Just take a look at what we have to offer.


Have you heard about the project underway to allow people to cycle across Europe, along 80,000 km split into 16 routes? That’s right, your ears do not deceive you.

 The EuroVelo 1 route, called the Atlantic Coast Route, is one of them, and it passes through Navarre. Upon completion, this project will join the Norwegian fjords with Portugal over 11,000 kilometres, crossing 14 UNESCO sites, 4 European seas and 6 countries.


The Atlantic Coast Route enters Spain through the Atlantic Pyrenees in Navarre. It starts off in Endarlatsa in the north, and links up to the Way of St James. These 203 km are distributed over 5 stages, and in order to condition the first two steps, the Bidasoa and Plazaola Rail Trails have been joined by the “Ederbidea” project.

The diversity of Navarre is palpable throughout the stages. From the spectacular green landscapes of the north, dotted with hamlets, along the cobbled city streets of Pamplona, to the flatter, more arid landscapes that surround the cities, with a medieval feel along the final stretch.

See below for more details:


    Stage 1 - 28Km

    Irun - Endarlatsa - Doneztebe/Santesteban

    From Gipuzkoa, the EuroVelo 1 enters Navarre via the Bidasoa Rail Trail. From Endarlatsa, passing through Bera, to Doneztebe/Sanesteban, this disused former railway crosses magnificent open green landscapes dotted with hamlets, picturesque tunnels, typical villages, and even the odd forgotten bunker. An easy, pleasant, and practically flat route.

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    Stage 2 - 53Km

    Doneztebe/Santesteban - Irurtzun

    In the Malerreka Valley, flanked by various mountains such as the Mendaur, sits the elegant town of Doneztebe/Santesteban, the starting point for the route towards the Basaburua Valley, where one of the Plazaola Rail Trail stretches finishes.

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    Stage 3 - 20 Km

    Irurtzun - Pamplona

    (pending conditioning and sign posting from Sarasa to Pamplona). The route passes through the town of Iza, leaving behind Añezcar before reaching Pamplona.

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    Stage 4 - 54Km

    Pamplona - Estella-Lizarra

    (Stage pending sign posting). From Pamplona, this route follows the Way of St James to Estella-Lizarra, also coinciding with the EuroVelo 3. This itinerary is packed with single-street villages, medieval bridges, large monuments, landscapes that change colour with every season, wine cellars and top-quality gastronomy.

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    Stage 5 - 45Km

    Estella-Lizarra - Logroño

    (Stage pending sign posting). These are the final kilometres in the Navarrese territory before entering Rioja lands. Shortly after leaving Estella-Lizarra is the Iratxe Monastery. Further along, past the rocky castle of Villamayor de Monjardín, the route reaches Los Arcos, Torres del Río and finally Viana, which peacefully faces the horizon towards Alava and La Rioja from its place up on a hill.

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A lo largo de sus etapas se palpa la diversidad navarra. Desde los espectaculares paisajes verdes del norte salpicados de caseríos, pasando por las adoquinadas y urbanitas calles de Pamplona, hasta los parajes más llanos y áridos que rodean las poblaciones con aire medieval del último tramo.

Rail Trails in Navarre

Travelling, walking or switching off in a perfectly adapted space filled with charm is easier than ever thanks to Rail Trails. These routes, which follow disused former railways, give you the chance to plunge into nature with the comfort of excellent accessibility. This makes them perfect for families, people with reduced mobility, older people, children...

No excuses. Dive into nature on any of the five Rail Trails in Navarre on two wheels.

See more information about Rail Trails
Rail Trails in Navarre
Rail Trails in Navarre

¿Te animas?

Seguro que te suena eso de que Navarra es la puerta de entrada del Camino a la Península. Sí, ¿verdad?

Bueno, pues si tienes curiosidad, debes saber que para hacerlo en bici tienes dos opciones: seguir la ruta por carretera —teniendo en cuenta el tráfico— o rodar por el camino señalizado, respetando al caminante y tomando en consideración que en algunos tramos complicados puede que tengas que bajarte de la bicicleta.

Prepara tus etapas y ¡al lío!

Mountain bike spaces

Navarre has five different spaces where more adventurous cyclists can practice. They are:

Mountain bike spaces
  • Mountain bike spaces

    Central Zone-Erdi Aldea Mountain Bike Space

    What better way of getting to know the major attractions in Navarre such as the Olite Castle, Ujué, San Martín de Unx or the town of Puente la Reina, than on your bike.

    This is possible thanks to the 46 mountain bike routes in the region, which are perfectly sign-posted and cater for all levels. One of them - the perimeter route - covers the entire Central Zone, joining the towns participating in the project over 7 stages.

    You will be spoilt for choice.

    Discover the Middle Zone on your mountain bike
  • Mountain bike spaces

    Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea Mountain Bike Space

    With over 2,200 kilometres of routes, this is one of the largest mountain bike spaces in mainland Spain. As such, it offers something for all levels: Amateurs, families and experienced cyclists alike.

    You can enjoy the great diversity of the Navarrese landscapes along the way, passing through the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, the Cañadas Reales, the Way of St James or the Basque-Navarrese Railroad Rail Trail.

    The space has 7 welcome centres with different services: shower facilities, small workshops and bike repair kits, or information about the mountain bike space and routes available.

    If you like mountain biking, Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea is sure to exceed all your expectations.

    Click here for more information about this space
  • Mountain bike spaces

    Irati Mountain Bike Centre

    Experience the utmost freedom in this privileged setting. This space offers 16 mountain bike trails, with something for all levels.

    This mountain bike initiative is part of a project that joins the valleys across which the Irati Forest lies: Salazar and Aezkoa in the Navarrese part, and Zuberoa and Cize in the French part. But what do mountain bikes know about borders? Their only objective is to ride, and the more places, the better.

    So, enjoy the over 400 kilometres of cycle routes to truly get to know Irati and its surrounds.

    Remember that you can always give your bike a quick service at one of the welcome centres, rent a bike if you need one, and get all the information about the place. They are:

    • Centro de montaña Irati-Abodi and Casas de Irati in the Salazar Valley

    • Arrazola, in the Aezkoa Valley

    • Chalets d'Iraty on the French side.

    More information about Mountain Biking in Irati
  • Mountain bike spaces

    Mountain Bike Circuit and Trail in Eremua

    Another pretty woodland circuit can be found in the Esteribar Valley.

    Ideal for cyclists or runners. Whatever you choose, its natural splendour will accompany you along all 12 routes. The welcome centre is located in Zubiri and the routes leave from Zubiri and from Eugi.

    If your aim is to discover new trails, improve your agility on two wheels, or train for a mountain race, there is space in Eremua for you - and my, my, what a space it is.

    Look at all the routes that await you
  • Mountain bike spaces

    MTB Vidángoz Bidankoze

    The Vidángoz trails provide 5 mountain bike routes so you can discover the Roncal Valley region at your own pace.

    Gradients, distances and levels of difficulty to suit all preferences, making it easy to discover the Pyrenees, as well as the option of following a cattle track - the Cañada Real de los Roncaleses.

    The welcome area is located at the entrance of the village, where you can also find climbing enthusiasts preparing their equipment to take out with them.

    Consult the routes and choose your favourite

Planes en bici ¿Prefieres que te guíen?

Si  te da pereza el prepararte las rutas, o ves tantas opciones que no sabes por dónde empezar, no pasa nada. Contamos con numerosas empresas que a parte de alquilarte bicis, te organizan rutas guiadas por los TOPS de naturaleza: Bardenas, Irati, Urbasa… pero como grandes profesionales, guardan para ti otras rutas más desconocidas pero súper especiales con las que seguro te sorprenderán.

Echa un vistazo a estos planes de bici y no te lo pienses.

Ver todos los planes en bici

¿Has pinchado? No problem

Estaciones de autorreparación de bicicletas

Repartidas por diferentes rutas de cicloturismo facilitan una puesta a punto y reparaciones básicas que cada persona realiza por sí misma. Disponen de ganchos para posicionar la bici, una bomba con manómetro para inflar las ruedas, aceite, llaves allen, destornilladores, desmontables y llaves inglesas.

Localidades en las que se encuentran:

- Elizondo: Casa Rural Urruxka

- Arizkun: Casa Rural Gontxea

- Beintza-Labaien: Orbela

- Donamaria: Restaurante Donamariako Benta

- Ochagavía: Centro interpretación de la naturaleza de Ochagavía

- Roncal: Centro interpretación de la naturaleza de Roncal

- Urzainqui: Estación de Servicio Valle de Roncal

- Lesaka, Doneztebe/Santesteban, Jaunsarats, Puente la Reina, Los Arcos y Viana: EuroVelos 1 y 3

What do you think?

We think that if you like cycling - which seems to be the case - hiking or enjoying other adventure sports are also sure to feature on your to-do list.