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Navarre and Madrid are interconnected with direct daily flights. If you're coming from cities in the north of Spain, then there's also a daily train service. If you're coming from the south of Spain, then you need to go via Madrid or Zaragoza. If you're coming to Navarre by car or motorbike, then take note that Navarre has a radial road network with its centre in Pamplona, a really convenient option for exploring the region.

If you arrive in Navarre without a vehicle, then you can always use the bus lines, with good connections in general and somewhat less frequent services to the Pyrenees. In any case, you can always take a taxi or hire a car.

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  • By car:

    There is a good road network with a radial structure with Pamplona in the centre and major roads radiating outwards to the rest of Navarre.

    Two of these roads are of particular note, crossing Navarre from north to south and connecting Spain to Europe while there are a number of expressways (toll free) running to the principal neighbouring cities.

    Distances from Pamplona to:

    • Donostia-San Sebastián (82 km), Vitoria-Gasteiz (97 km), Bilbao (155 km)
    • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (81 km), Bayonne (134 km)
    • Zaragoza (179 km), Logroño (85 km)
    • Madrid (405 km), Barcelona (430 km), Valencia (487 km)

    Information of interest:

  • By train

    There are direct daily trains running to Donostia-San Sebastián, Irun, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Lleida, Barcelona, Madrid, Gijón, Oviedo, Palencia and León.
    Additionally, there are direct connections several days a week to Burgos, La Coruña, Orense and Vigo.

    The most important RENFE train stations in Navarre are:

    * PAMPLONA Plaza de la Estación, s/n. 31012 Pamplona. Line 9: intercity bus has a bus stop at the train station.
    * TUDELA Plaza de la Estación, s/n. 31005 Tudela

    Information of interest:
    . Information and sale of tickets: +34 912 320 320; thetrainline 
    Apps of interest
    . Bike transport: consult the specific instructions of Renfe (the train operator).

  • By bus


    Around twenty bus companies have daily connections between Pamplona and many regional and national destinations (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastián, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Logroño), as well as some places in France (Bayonne, Hendaye, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port ). Go to the website to get information on all the routes.

    C/ Yanguas y Miranda Nº2
    +34 948 203 566: information on destinations, times and fares.


    . Consult the lines, timetable and frequencies
    . How to get to the most frequent destinations: stations, tourist attractions, health centres, businesses, etc.
    . Download the App "Tu Villavesa" (your local bus) for IPhone and Android

  • By plane

    The Pamplona airport is located in Noain, 6 kms from the city, connecting Pamplona to Madrid (Iberia) and Canarias (Binter), and, in summer, with some of the Balearic  Islands.

    NOÁIN-PAMPLONA AIRPORT Airport website 
    Ctra. Pamplona-Zaragoza, Km.5 - 31110 Noáin
    Phones: +34 902 404 704 / 913 211 000

    Transport to and from the airport:
    There is a public taxi service with set times for outbound and return journeys from the Paseo Sarasate in the centre of Pamplona. Book in advance on + 34 948 232 300 / 948 351 335. (+info)


    The 6 nearby airports (in a radius of 80-250 km) offer daily connections with the main Spanish and European cities of France, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

    Bilbao (170 km)  + info
    Donostia - San Sebastián (96,2 km)  + info
    Santander (250 km.)  + info
    Vitoria - Gasteiz (101 km)   + info
    Zaragoza (172 km.)  +info
    Biarritz (128 km)  + info

  • By motorbike

    For motorbike enthusiasts who like travelling, Navarre is a dream come true thanks to Navarider, which has created 10 motorbike routes to allow you to discover Navarre from north to south. Enjoy a whole series of really different scenic routes, full of culture and history, rich regional cuisine, while you should know that here is the best circuit in the north of Spain: the Circuito de Navarra (located in Los Arcos).

    Check out the routes suggested by Navarider and get your helmet on, because your engine is starting to roar and the road's waiting for you.

  • By motorhome

    If you're coming to Navarre in a motorhome or some other type of campervan, then here are the options available in Navarre.


    Navarre has 25 campsites spread across the region. Located in the vicinity of beautiful towns and villages or close to tourist attractions, these campsites offer a host of services and activities in natural surroundings, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your stay, with every convenience and no limits. You need to bear in mind that, at the moment, there are no exclusive areas for motorhome camping.


    • These are specific areas in which motorhomes can be stopped/parked, however it is forbidden to camp in these areas.
    • Most of these stopping areas have systems for the disposal of black and grey waters, as well as other services such as water supply or electricity hookup.
    • There is an information panel with the code of conduct.
    • These areas are managed by the local council and are regulated by municipal by-laws.
    • They are identified with the following sign:


    Specifications by activity:

    Overnight stays: permitted for a short limited time (depending on the regulations for each area or car park).
    *Set up equipment from the motorhome (take out chairs, tables, awnings, raise roofs, open windows, etc.): this is only permitted if the vehicle perimeter is not exceeded.
    * The use of wedges: is not permitted except for parking on a steep slope.
    Disposal of substances and waste (gases, clean, black or grey water): only engine emissions through the exhaust pipe are permitted. 


    • We've put together a list of all the places offering this service, organised into 4 zones, from north to south. Click on each place for further information.

    - The Pyrenees Aoiz-Agoitz / Isaba / Uharte Arakil
    - Basin of Pamplona: Pamplona / Berriozar
    - Central Area: Arróniz / Ayegui / Olite / Viana
    - Ribera: Arguedas / Falces 


    If you simply want to park your motorhome, then you are advised to do so in the areas indicated above. You can also park on public roads, just like any other vehicle, provided that there is no sign expressly prohibiting you from parking.

  • Car hire and taxis

    Here are the contact details for the car hire companies in Navarre, with or without a driver, so that you can discover the region at your own pace.

    Consult the list of taxis in Navarre and contact them to get to small villages with no public transport.

And if you've brought your bike to ride our roads and tracks...

And if you've brought your bike to ride our roads and tracks...

Be sure to see the page where we tell you about all the ways to enjoy Navarre on two wheels.