Rosé Wine Month

San Martín de Unx, noted for being one of the prettiest and most exceptional places in Central Navarre, is showcasing its winegrowing heritage by paying homage to one of its most iconic wines, its rosé, with an event packed full of activities that bring together wine, culture, history and gastronomy.  In May, you can enjoy the "Marcha del rosado", a rosé wine guided tour to visit the various local wineries, allowing you to discover the unique landscape of this beautiful village in Navarre and its superb rosé wines.

What's more, during one weekend in June, you can also enjoy guided tours, conferences, cultural activities, wine tastings and visits to local wineries, in this village which exudes an atmosphere of vineyards, wine and history like no other in the area.

Fecha 2025 pendiente

04 may - 02 jun