Enjoy watching the Chupinazo ceremony from a balcony

"And at noon on 6th July the fiesta exploded. There is no other way to describe it", said Ernest Hemingway, referring to the Chupinazo or firing of the rocket, the event that officially signals the beginning of the San Fermín fiestas and takes place in the Plaza Consistorial, the small City Hall square .

This burst of revelry is one of the most intense and thrilling events in the San Fermín fiestas of Pamplona.

Hire a balcony so that you can experience the atmosphere of the fiesta while enjoying this unique event in comfort and safety.

Are you going to join in with the revellers and shout "Viva San Fermín", "Gora San Fermin" (Long live San Fermin) ? Just like Hemingway, you'll never forget the experience!

06 jul - 06 jul