The Gorges Interpretation Centre includes an interpretation space dedicated to the gorges, lands, people and trades of the Lumbier basin, an exhibition on the social, natural, historical and cultural aspects of the zone, focussing on the Lumbier and Arbaiun gorges, an audiovisual room, and a sensory tunnel labyrinth.

The Gorge Interpretation Centre is the central facility for all the information on and interpretation of these characteristic formations in the pre-Pyrenean area of Navarre, and the leading tourist information point in the Aoiz-Lumbier district.

It holds talks, exhibitions and interpretive outings in the area, providing the perfect opportunity to discover not only the most popular tourist spots but also others which are less known but just as surprising, all in the company of local guides. Check out what’s on and book a place:


  • Visit the Interpretation Centre, lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
    • Formation of limestone.
    • Formation of the gorges.
    • Importance of the gorges: protected natural areas; regulations.
    • Cliff-nesting birds in general and, specifically, the habits and characteristics of the griffon vulture.
    • The landscape of the area as a result of human action compared to the rock in the gorges.
    • All this information is supported by the following resources: model of the area, a recreation of a gorge, wall paintings of the area, audiovisual.
  • Tour of the Interpretation Centre and Gorge of Lumbier. Lasts approximately 3.5 hours, mid-morning meal included.
    • The gorge, a protected area, Nature Reserve
    • Vegetation characteristic of Mediterranean Navarre
    • History of the Irati Railway
    • Bird watching on the cliff faces with binoculars and telescope.

10 ene - 15 jun