Medieval Route: Olite, San Martín de Unx and Ujué

Navarre has a really intense history. That's why its landscape is dotted with castles, palaces and fortified towers, from north to south and from east to west. And the Central Area is unquestionably one of the territories that best preserves the imprint of its medieval past.

The tour starts at Olite, with the Royal Palace of the kings of Navarre, the Church of Santa María La Real and its Gothic atrium. The next stop is San Martín de Unx, where you can go inside its church of San Martín de Tours and visit its medieval crypt. The tour ends at the small village of Ujué, where you can discover its beautiful fortress-church, the icing on the cake of a plan that will allow you to travel back in time.

01 ene - 31 dic