Cazuelica and Navarra wine Week

Get some bread for dipping into the sauces, because the Navarra wine and cazuelica week is coming!

At this typical autumn event, you can savour some small portions of mouth-watering food cooked in a pot and made just like “grandmother used to do” all served in terracotta tapa dishes called cazuelicas. As you can see, slow food is all the thing! All types of traditional Navarre dishes are served in cazuelicas, cooked on a low heat and paired with the very best D.O. Navarra wines. 

Although the event is centred in Pamplona, other places in Navarre also have some delicious offerings, so check out the programme and think about where to start... as you're going to find this really, really difficult!

Fecha 2024 pendiente

06 oct - 15 oct