Themed tours in Pamplona

If you want to immerse yourself in Pamplona’s historical and cultural wealth, making the most of your time and being guided by people who are truly passionate about their city, don’t hesitate, these themed guided tours are for you:

  • Discover the magic of "Mediaeval Pamplona" strolling through its cobbled streets and boroughs.
  • Explore the imposing "City Walls of Pamplona" and delve into the mysteries surrounding these ancient fortifications.
  • For pilgrimage lovers, the "Way of St James" will take you along a more spiritual route and to its emblematic spots.
  • The “San Fermín festival” tour will immerse you in the fervour and joyfulness of this world-famous event.
  • And for those who want to get to know Pamplona from a local perspective, there’s the option of visiting "Pamplona for locals".

Choose the one that inspires you the most and enjoy a memorable experience.

01 ene - 31 dic