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The TOP 12 places you just have to see in Navarre

These are the main reasons why Navarre delights visitors; really special places we are proud of and for whose beauty we are truly grateful. And of course, we want to share them with you.

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  • Way of St James

    Way of St James

    The reason why we have such great historical and cultural heritage.

  • Pamplona


    A lively, beautiful city that is ideal for a weekend getaway.

  • Bardenas Reales

    Bardenas Reales

    A desert declared as a Biosphere Reserve, one hour from the Pyrenees.

  • Irati Forest

    Irati Forest

    The “king of the forests” that is worth a stop in any season.

  • Valley of Baztan

    Valley of Baztan

    Always green, peaceful, picturesque, with beautiful hamlets and good people.

  • Tudela and Estella-Lizarra

    Tudela and Estella-Lizarra

    Two city breaks with amazing cultural attractions.

  • The Castle of Olite

    The Castle of Olite

    An essential visit you can’t miss. You’ll regret it otherwise.

  • Cave of Zugarramurdi

    Cave of Zugarramurdi

    An impressive natural site that will transport you into a world of sorcery.

  • Gorges of Lumbier and Arbaiun

    Gorges of Lumbier and Arbaiun

    Two giants, a Rail Trail and a great colony of griffon vultures.

  • Source of the River Urederra

    Source of the River Urederra

    Its name means “beautiful waters”. As beautiful a reserve as it is sensitive.

  • Orreaga/Roncesvalles


    The scene of battles and gateway to the Way of St James.

  • Señorío de Bertiz

    Señorío de Bertiz

    The most romantic Natural Park in Navarre.

Do you want to get to know Navarre in and out?

It may be the first time that you come, or maybe you liked your previous experiences in these parts and are coming back. Or that you’re discovering -- or rediscovering -- certain places little by little. 

Whatever the case may be, we’re going to propose 10 routes to literally sweep across the entire map of Navarre, to make it easy for you. In each of them, we’ll explain all the must-sees: natural resources, monuments, gastronomy and activities.

We hope it’ll be useful and won’t leave you wanting anything more.


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Ideas for all tastes

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Recommendations for dining options, cultural outings and sports activities -- there's something for everybody.

Festivals, events and shows

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Regardless of how you make your fun, of your family situation, if you study or work, love sports, art or partying, if you come with little ones or with years of experience in your knapsack, in Navarre it’s hard not to find a plan that suits you.


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Sometimes we like to discover new destinations. Other times we simply like unplugging or changing scenery and stealing away to a beautiful city. One thing is for sure, we’re always game for good food!

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