The Talo is a pancake made with unfermented cornflour, which is pan-fried and normally eaten wrapped around a delicious chunk of txistorra, a fresh paprika sausage from Navarre. The Talo is one of the most typical products of northern Navarre, particularly in Leitza. That is why this town organises a homage-festival in the morning, offering a variety of events including a market selling food and artisan products, rural sport exhibitions and workshops, among others. And, of course, there will be a degustation of Talos, sweet and salty, accompanied by the typical cold meats as well as sheep's cheese, bacon, chocolate and honey... A mouth-watering experience!

Pay a morning visit to the beautiful village of Leitza, one of the settings for the really popular film entitled "Ocho apellidos vascos" (eight Basque surnames), and sample this delicious traditional snack.

08 sep - 08 sep