We're off the cider bar

The cider house is the temple of those who are passionate about good food and better drink. The ideal place to get together with your family or friends on a cold day and enjoy its good atmosphere, delicious food and refreshing cider or a good wine.

•    For starters, chorizo sausages in cider and salt cod omelette;
•    For the main course, either a chunk of cod with green peppers or a delicious steak;
•    For dessert, local cheese with quince jelly and walnuts.
Of course, you can have as much cider as you like, serving yourself from the kupela or barrel.

In Navarre there are 5 cider makers who perform all the cider-making stages: growing the apples, producing the cider, storing it in Kupelas or barrels, and bottling it. These cider temples are:

•    Larraldea in Lekaroz 
•    Lindurren Borda in Lesaka 
•    Behetxonea in Beruete 
•    Toki-Alai in Lekunberri 
•    Martitxonea in Aldatz

Click here for details on all the cider houses in Navarre

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