The Navarre Effect

The Navarre Effect

The feeling that overcomes you when nature, culture and gastronomy hit that sweet spot.

Are you one for...?

Well it all depends. We can be many things depending on the moment.
Sometimes we like to discover new destinations. Other times we simply like unplugging or changing scenery and stealing away to a beautiful city. One thing is for sure, we’re always game for good food!

Do you want to get to know Navarre in and out?

It may be the first time that you come, or maybe you liked your previous experiences in these parts and are coming back. Or that you’re discovering -- or rediscovering -- certain places little by little. 

Whatever the case may be, we’re going to propose 10 routes to literally sweep across the entire map of Navarre, to make it easy for you. In each of them, we’ll explain all the must-sees: natural resources, monuments, gastronomy and activities.

We hope it’ll be useful and won’t leave you wanting anything more.


I want to see the 10 routes to discover Navarre
Do you want to get to know Navarre in and out?

Ideas for all tastes

For all those people who enjoy taking part in activities and living all sorts of experiences. You’re sure to find something you’ll adore! Take a look and see.

Recommendations for dining options, cultural outings and sports activities -- there's something for everybody.

Must-visit tourist attractions in Navarre

Must-visit tourist attractions in Navarre

Here are a few reasons why Navarre will keep you coming back...
Ready to let yourself be captivated?

And now two of our flagship trademarks

First, the Way of St James, a route with centuries of history that begins in Navarre. Travel it by foot, bike or car and live a truly memorable experience.

Second, Navarre was a pioneer in a type of tourism that lets you connect with the best parts of the region from the comfort of our own homes. It’s Rural Tourism.

In both cases you can:


  • Discover a variety of landscapes

  • Confirm that the food is to die for here

  • Immerse yourself in our towns and culture



Find out in this video

This collaborative video was made thanks to all the people from Navarre who have had the privilege of rediscovering their land these last few months and shared their images.

Don’t miss it!
Find out in this video

Tell me the company you keep and I’ll tell you what to do

Are you set on who you’re travelling with?

Regardless of how you make your fun, of your family situation, if you study or work, love sports, art or partying, if you come with little ones or with years of experience in your knapsack, in Navarre it’s hard not to find a plan that suits you.


Landscapes and pure nature, that’s Navarre

Do you want to keep hearing about it from others or discover it for yourself on your next trip?

All about nature in Navarre
Paisaje de bosque de otoño con embalse azul

Festivals, events and shows

And if you get bored, it’s because you want to

When are you coming?

Get the most out of your stay in Navarre with options ideally suited for every season.

It won’t be long before the San Fermín festival!


It won’t be long before the San Fermín festival!

In Navarre and around the world, we count down the days until we can celebrate our beloved festival with more emotion, joy and hospitality than ever.
Don’t miss out, we’re expecting you!

We hope to see you very soon!

You know that our home is your home