ORGANIC wine and olive oil in Tierra Estella

  • Company: CPAEN

  • Idiomas: Castellano

Start the day with a visit to the Bodega Quaderna Vía winery, a pioneer in organic winegrowing in the whole of Spain and which now offers an enjoyable tour of its vineyard combined with a tasting experience in its modern, welcoming "wine bar". Another organic scheme awaits you in the nearby village of Dicastillo: Biosasun, a circular economy initiative centred on the organic production of oil and probiotics. If you're interested in these types of activities then, just a few kilometres away, in Allo, you can also visit the Allotarra association, a group of proprietors of organic olive groves and other crops. You can combine the visit to the olive ecosystem with the purchase or organic products in their shop.

After any of these visits, you can take the opportunity to go to mount Montejurra and enjoy some stunning views as you ascend to the hermitage of San Cipriano.

To round off this great day out in Tierra Estella, we would recommend stopping off at Bodegas Lezaun, in Lácar. There, you can enjoy the real flavour of delicious char-grilled meat and fish accompanied by a good organic wine.

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