The Tafalla Fairs

As the Spanish saying goes “in February, a ray of sunlight then back around the hearth”, we are sure that the sun will shine on the weekend that Tafalla hosts its traditional February Fairs, which date back to the time of King Charles III in 1419.

Coinciding with the 9th February, the horses livestock fair will be held - the source of these festivities and a unique opportunity to see how the traders close their sales.

With this excuse, on the weekend that falls closest to this day the city comes alive with festivities and organises a programme packed with fun and sporting activities for all.

The Plaza de Navarra plays host to the popular craft and agro-food fair, the Plaza de Cortes has the flower and plant market, and the Paseo Padre Calatayud holds the numerous stalls. All of this accompanied by the music that will of course be present, performed by the pipers, txistu players and the municipal band “La Tafallesa”, among others.

On Sunday at 2 pm, the star of the show arrives - la Rifa del Cuto Divino (Raffle of the Divine Pig) - with its over two-century old act, in which a pig is raffled to raise money for the Santo Hospital nursing home.

And for the time spent around the hearth, the bars in Tafalla have the best cure: pinchos and wine from the region to warm the cockles.


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