Unique accommodation in Navarra

A getaway or a holiday is a chance for a change of scenery and new experiences. Your accommodation can play a big part!

We offer several options that you will just love and that will help you immerse yourself in nature. How about sleeping in a treetop suite in an oak grove? What about waking up in a deluxe hut in the mountains? Fancy experiencing the silence of a mountain cave? Or glamping in 100% environmentally-friendly Mongolian yurts?

Other appealing and trendy alternatives are the cubic rooms or the bubbles with views to the Bardenas Reales desert, historic buildings such as a parador, or the rooms inside a Medieval tower.

There's something for everyone. You decide how to start your adventure!

Treetop accommodation.


Mongolian yurts.

Buildings with history.

Modern or futuristic accommodation integrated in the landscape.

  • Aire de Bardenas: cubic and bubble accommodation in Las Bardenas. Reales (Tudela).
  • Irrisarri Land: huts (cabins/apartments) with large windows in the heart of the forest (Igantzi).

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