Are you a two-wheel fanatic? Do you love getting out and about without the stress of a car? If so, you are in luck, because Navarre is ideal for being discovered by bike.

The variety of landscapes in this region give us terrain for all tastes. There are endless flatlands and just as many hills; desert landscapes and leafy forests; a network of Rail Trails and Nature Trails covering over 120 kilometres.

The infrastructures are enviable, and the views... You will be left speechless: they are quite simply unforgettable.

So, don’t hesitate: if pedalling is your bag, bring your bike or rent one on your next visit. We will take care of the spectacular surroundings for you.

Reasons for discovering Navarre by road and mountain bike

1.- Thousands of kilometres of routes
2.- Discover the region at a leisurely pace
3.- Access places cars cannot go


To get into gear...

have a look at the Navarre by bike leaflet and get those pedals moving.

Types of routes you will find here

As we have already let slip, discovering Navarre by bike is a plan that will fit in no matter who you are travelling with. With a partner, family, friends, or alone, we have options for all cyclists. Just take a look at what we have to offer.

¿Te animas?

The Way of St James by bike, sound good?

We are sure you have heard that Navarre is the gateway to the entrance of the Way into mainland Spain. Right?

Well, if you are curious, you should know that there are two options by bike: follow the route by road - taking into account the traffic - or cycling along the indicated pathway, looking out for pedestrians and considering that there are some complicated downhill stretches where you may have to get off and push.

Prepare your stages and get going!

MTB areas

Discover stunning scenery, riding through idyllic oak and beech woods, mountain meadows and rocky crags that will simply take your breath away, grain fields and vineyards, deserts and awesome ravines, together with all those routes that lead you to the must-see top cultural attractions.

More than 3,000 bikeable kilometers divided into hundreds of sign-posted trails for all levels and crossing all over Navarre.

Infórmate aquí de todos los Espacios BTT
Cyclist between vineyards

Rail Trails in Navarre

Travelling, walking or switching off in a perfectly adapted space filled with charm is easier than ever thanks to Rail Trails. These routes, which follow disused former railways, give you the chance to plunge into nature with the comfort of excellent accessibility. This makes them perfect for families, people with reduced mobility, older people, children...

No excuses. Dive into nature on any of the five Rail Trails in Navarre on two wheels.

See more information about Rail Trails
Cyclist between vineyards
Cyclists on the Irati Greenway
Cyclists for Eurovelo 1

Eurovelo 1 route in Navarre. The Atlantic Coast Route

Have you heard about the project underway to allow people to cycle across Europe, along 80,000 km split into 16 routes? That’s right, your ears do not deceive you.

The EuroVelo 1 route, called the Atlantic Coast Route, is one of them, and it passes through Navarre.

The Atlantic Coast Route enters Spain through the Atlantic Pyrenees in Navarre. It starts off in Endarlatsa in the north, and links up to the Way of St James.

These 203 km are distributed over 5 stages, and in order to condition the first two steps, the Bidasoa and Plazaola Rail Trails have been joined by the “Ederbidea” project.

Discover the EuroVelo 1 cycling route in Navarre

Access the digitized Rail Trail and the EuroVelo 1 routes

And discover the nearby tourist attractions


Calculate your route

Yes, we know there are loads of routes to choose from. That's why you're going to find this route calculator really handy if you're not too sure about which is the best route to take to bike to a particular place. What's more, you'll also get information on all the nearby services.

Had a puncture? No problem

Bike self-repair stations

Located on the different bike touring routes, these stations allow you to do the fine-tuning work and basic repairs you normally do at home. There are hooks to position your bike, a pump with gauge to pump up your tyres, oil, Allen keys, screwdrivers, tyre levers and adjustable spanners.

Where to find them:


What do you think?

We think that if you like cycling - which seems to be the case - hiking or enjoying other adventure sports are also sure to feature on your to-do list.