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Adventure parks in Navarre

Your adrenaline rush in the best landscape

Are you visiting Navarre and want your little ones to have the time of their lives? Or maybe you and your crew would like to disconnect from the nine-to-five? Are you out with your partner or flying solo, looking to combine activity and relaxation?

Well, there's a place in Navarre–seven actually–where you and your company are sure to have a grand old time, whether you're family, colleagues or lovebirds. You only need to have one thing in common: the thirst for adventure. 


SENDAVIVA adventure and nature park

Just like every year, the Sendaviva adventure and nature park reopens its doors in March.
This family leisure park, which offers a unique combination of rides and attractions, nature and shows, is set in Arguedas, alongside the semi-desert landscape of the Nature Park and Biosphere Reserve of Las Bardenas Reales in Navarre.

At Sendaviva, you will get the chance to discover more than 1000 animals from all over the planet, plus some thirty rides and attractions, many of which are water-based (ideal to beat the summer heat) as well as shows and activities directed at ensuring that the whole family enjoys an awesome day out. What's more, in 2023, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Sendaviva is set to surprise you with lots of new features and activities.

A great entertainment option set in the heart of nature!

  • Attractions in Sendaviva

    The array of attractions is quite simply fantastic. And they’re perfect for all types, from the easy-going to the most audacious.

    Boats, ziplines, bobsleighing, flying chairs, a haunted house, a water maze... All this and much more equally stimulating and – above all – fun stuff to do.

    It's go time!

  • Animals in Sendaviva

    You can find many different groups of animals by travelling through the park’s several paths.

    For example, you have the Livestock Path – with Burguete and Navarrese horses – or the Exotic Path – with kangaroos, tigers and zebras – in all totalling 8 different paths.

    If you like animals, you'll have a hard time choosing where to start.

  • Shows at Sendaviva

    And the fun goes on. There are shows for all ages.

    Welcome Show, the Shaman´s Secret, puppet theatres and even a circus that will put more than just one smile on everyone’s face in the family. 

  • Services in Sendaviva

    The facilities are quite thorough, so you won't have to worry about a thing: 7 restaurants with all kinds of meals, a large car park (also including services for motorhomes), accessibility for wheelchairs, pushchairs and luggage storage, and a shop to pick up your favourite souvenirs.

    Oh! And quite the curious accommodation – recreated in a semblance of a forest – in case you decide to spend the night to get to know the park in detail.   

¿Qué más puedo hacer en esta zona?

Zipline descent in Irrisarri Land

Irrisarri Land

And a little further north, near the Cantabrian Sea, we have our next destination. In lgantzi, part of the region of Cinco Villas, you’ll find an authentic rural resort where you’ll find nothing’s missing. Check out how sweet it is:

  • Activities at Irrisarri Land

    A place where fun never ends.

    The park has lots of activities for all types, from thematic walks – designed to stimulate the five senses, others on mythology, on adventure – to tree-top walks, a Tibetan bridge, ziplines, a pendulum, laser tag, disc golf, and even a pump track circuit.

    Plus a few things we’ve left out to arouse your curiosity. Whatever could they be?

  • Facilities at Irrisarri Land

    As we said, this is a resort, which means that its facilities offer everything you may need.

    Three types of accommodation: a most flashy hostel that is perfect for groups; a three-star hotel, located in an old palace, mixing tradition and modernity like nothing else; and luxurious cabins that are the embodiment of a romantic getaway.

    Also, two restaurants – one casual, one signature – hold the reward you’ll deserve after a hard day of adventuring.

    And wait, if by chance you want to organize an event in Navarre – business or family – they have a space, the Yrisarri Viewpoint, specially designed for it.

Can you hear Irrisarri's call?

Well, plan your next visit here.

¿Qué más puedo hacer en esta zona?

grupo de niños con cascos delante de una cascada


We're headed due north to the Pyrenean Baztan Valley to visit the two parks managed by Navarra Aventura. We’ll say it up front: they offer such a wide variety of outdoor activities that you’re going to have a hard time deciding what to do first. Take a look:

  • Persona en tirolina

    This park, which is near Elizondo, will make your pulse rise and your legs shake with its offerings.

    Two zipline circuits, one for adults and one for little ones, a via ferrata with impressive views, a giant pendulum with a 142-meter drop –*gulp*–, several trails and a natural cannon- waterpark circuit between slides and pools.

    Take it from us, your heart is going to start to rumba.

¿Qué más puedo hacer en esta zona?

Otros parques de aventura

  • cartel del parque

    Bertiz Abentura Park

    In Narbarte, very close to the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park, you have this slightly more laid-back second proposal.

    Here you can choose between two activities that, while quite different, are both tremendously exciting.

    One option is arborism, otherwise known as tree-top circuits, that will have you navigating through via a series of ropes, nets and zip lines.

    The other is paintball. Yes, shooting paintballs willy-nilly at another team in the middle of the forest. In the park they will provide you with the necessary equipment and let you take a shower when you finish.

    Two awesome plans to pursue either with your crew or with the family.

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  • Bosque con parte del recorrido

    Artamendia Adventure Park

    Let’s talk about an adventure park in the centre of Navarre. Over in the Sangüesa region, in the municipality of Aibar, another tiny park will get the whole family having a ball jumping like monkeys through the treetops.

    Trees are the keyword here. Off we go!

    Two circuits of different levels are available to get you feeling like the king or queen of the jungle at the tallest heights of the forest. 

    Bridges, platforms, stairs and ziplines that will no doubt get you screaming in that way you wonder if you haven’t just shaved a year off your life expectancy.

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  • Dos personas andando por los puentes entre árboles

    Parque Beigorri

    El parque está situado en medio de un robledal en Lekunberri.

    Cuatro recorridos, a distintas alturas, te van a permitir demostrar tu equilibrio, coordinación y habilidades físicas mientras cruzas puentes colgantes, subes por redes y , rocódromos y te lanzas en tirolinas.  Aptos para todos los públicos.

    ¡Prepárate para vivir una experiencia llena de emoción y diversión en plena naturaleza!

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Places close to the Artamendia Adventure Park

Do you want to make the most of your visit to the park to explore the area?

Well, that's great! The first stop is Sangüesa, the main town. Its architectural heritage is of particular interest - the church of Santa María and its Romanesque portal is a prime example - while its cuisine is a must for foodies, its potxas (fresh white haricot beans) are simply out of this world!

Before you leave the area, a must-visit is the impressive Gorge of Lumbier. This is one of the wildest landscapes in Navarre. Explore it on foot or by bike and watch the vultures flying overhead. You'll find this landscape impossible to forget!

And after this jolt of energy, how about something more laid back? Or do you want the fun to carry on?

  • Collegiate Church of Orreaga/Roncesvalles Navarre with the family

    Navarre with the family

    Castles and fortresses, themed museums, the best trails for kids, school farms... and much more!

  • Zugarramurdi Cave The musts

    The musts

    The Cave of Zugarramurdi, the Irati Forest, the Bardenas Reales Desert and Olite Castle are just some of the sights heading the list of places you shouldn’t miss the chance to see.

  • People in the tower of the Royal Palace of Olite Active Tourism

    Active Tourism

    Bike routes, trails of all kinds, mountain climbs and snow, water and air sports for the more daring among you... It’s impossible to get bored in Navarre!