MTB in Navarre

MTB in Navarre

How about experiencing complete freedom on two wheels in an awesome setting?

In Navarre, mountain bikes are the in thing.

As a group, with your partner, by yourself... and the fact is that, here in Navarre, the practice of outdoor sports is both a luxury and an addiction for those who need to let their adrenaline flow on two wheels.

Discover stunning scenery, riding through idyllic oak and beech woods, mountain meadows and rocky crags that will simply take your breath away, grain fields and vineyards, deserts and awesome ravines, together with all those routes that lead you to the must-see top cultural attractions.

More than 3,000 bikeable kilometers divided into hundreds of sign-posted trails for all levels and crossing all over Navarre.

17 campsites in Navarre have become true Cycle Tourism Centres with everything you’re looking for: areas for the repair, cleaning, storage and safekeeping of bicycles; each campsite has 9 downloadable routes (3 by road, 3 on gravel and 3 MTB) on both the Wkiloc and Komoot platforms, and they all start at their facilities.

Get more details below:

Antes de nada... aclaremos algunos conceptos

  • An MTB Centre is a reception area for cyclists with some of the following services:

    • Maps and technical information on the routes starting from the centre
    • Bike washing area
    • Repair or self-repair area.
    • Bike parking
    • Changing rooms, bathrooms and showers

    Where are the MTB Centres?

    Types of routes at the Navarre campsite MTB Centres
    The routes are available on Wikiloc and Komoot, and can be downloaded via QR.

    • Each of the campsites has 9 routes which start there (3 for road bikes, 3 for gravel and 3 for MTB).
    • "Tour of Navarre” cycling tour route: this tour goes from each of the 17 campsites to the next on 17 routes by modality (road, gravel and MTB).
    • Routes by area: routes (for road, gravel and MTB) which join up the 17 campsites, sorted by main tourist areas.
  • MTB spaces are tourist spaces with the following characteristics:

    • Together, they have more than 100 km of signposted routes
    • The routes are marked out with the same sign system and are classified by levels
    • They may or may not have MTB centres

MTB areas

MTB areas in Baztan and Bidasoa

  • The Bizibide Lesaka area

    Lesaka, a lovely town close to the Pyrenees, offers this MTB area with 2 cross-country trails and 3 gravel trails, all covering a distance of between 27 to 38 km and with changes in gradient of more than 1000 metres.

    The area offers a reception centre, a sports centre and different services such as free parking, as well as showers and changing rooms, bike self-repair area, bike wash area, bike storage and spa, a paradise for any cycling enthusiast!

    Are you brave enough to go ahead along these steep escarpments?

    More info on Bizibide Lesaka area
  • Centros BTT en los campings de Baztan-Bidasoa

MTB areas in Navarrese Pyrenees

  • Pareja en bici por Irati

    Centre VTT Iraty

    Experience the utmost freedom in this privileged setting. This space offers 16 mountain bike trails, with something for all levels.

    This mountain bike initiative is part of a project that joins the valleys across which the Irati Forest lies: Salazar and Aezkoa in the Navarrese part, and Zuberoa and Cize in the French part. But what do mountain bikes know about borders? Their only objective is to ride, and the more places, the better.

    So, enjoy the over 400 kilometres of cycle routes to truly get to know Irati and its surrounds.

    Remember that you can always give your bike a quick service at one of the welcome centres, rent a bike if you need one, and get all the information about the place. They are:

    • Centro de montaña Irati-Abodi and Casas de Irati in the Salazar Valley

    • Arrazola, in the Aezkoa Valley

    • Chalets d'Iraty on the French side.

    More information about Mountain Biking in Irati
  • Larra Belagua Bike

    Larra-Belagua Bike is the MTB space in the Roncal Valley, with 15 routes across its 7 municipalities: Burgui, Garde, Isaba, Roncal, Urzainqui, Vidángoz, Uztárroz and the majestic Larra-Belagua Massif Natural Reserve.

    Here you can enjoy a landscape which brings together extensive limestone formations, considered the largest karst complex on the continent, with large expanses of mountain pastures and curious mountain pine forests popping up in the midst of the imposing rocks.

    These routes, perfectly signposted and downloadable in the Wikiloc and Trailforks apps, cover almost 300 km and run along spectacular trails, through forests and over high mountain terrain, where you will feel the full pull of nature.

    • There is no MTB Centre
    I want to check out the 15 routes in the Larra-Belagua MTB Space
  • MTB Vidángoz Bidankoze

    The Vidángoz trails provide 5 mountain bike routes so you can discover the Roncal Valley region at your own pace.

    Gradients, distances and levels of difficulty to suit all preferences, making it easy to discover the Pyrenees, as well as the option of following a cattle track - the Cañada Real de los Roncaleses.

    The welcome area is located at the entrance of the village, where you can also find climbing enthusiasts preparing their equipment to take out with them.

    Consult the routes and choose your favourite
  • Three cyclists descending through a forest

    Mountain Bike Circuit and Trail in Eremua

    Another pretty woodland circuit can be found in the Esteribar Valley.

    Ideal for cyclists or runners. Whatever you choose, its natural splendour will accompany you along all 22 routes and 230 km. The welcome centre is located in Zubiri and the routes leave from Zubiri and from Eugi.

    If your aim is to discover new trails, improve your agility on two wheels, or train for a mountain race, there is space in Eremua for you - and my, my, what a space it is.

    Look at all the routes that await you
  • Two cyclists on the Camino de Santiago

    Centros BTT en los campings del Pirineo navarro

MTB areas in Plazaola, Sakana and Ultzama

  • Espacio BTT Basabura

    Si eres amante del enduro y la btt, tienes venir a rodar por los senderos y rutas del Valle de Basaburua y sentir el flow en un entorno privilegiado. Aquí la diversión y la aventura están más que aseguradas porque mira todo lo que ofrece este espacio BTT:

    • 12 senderos de enduro y 6 rutas para BTT que en total suman 244 km.
    • Un bikepark donde poder aprender desde cero a rodar por este tipo de senderos
    • Salidas de Trailbruiding
    • Marchas no competitivas
    • Servicios de rutas guiadas con profesionales
    • Alquiler de e-bike
    • Servicio de remonte para los disfrutones del descenso
    Más info sobre el espacio BasaburuaMTB
  • Centros BTT en los campings de Plazaola, Sakana y Ultzama

MTB areas in Pamplona and district

Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea Mountain Bike Space

  • Groupe de cyclistes en montagne

    Espacio BTT Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea

    With over 2,200 kilometres of routes, this is one of the largest mountain bike spaces in mainland Spain. As such, it offers something for all levels: Amateurs, families and experienced cyclists alike.

    You can enjoy the great diversity of the Navarrese landscapes along the way, passing through the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park, the Cañadas Reales, the Way of St James or the Basque-Navarrese Railroad Rail Trail.

    The space has 7 welcome centres with different services: shower facilities, small workshops and bike repair kits, or information about the mountain bike space and routes available.

    If you like mountain biking, Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea is sure to exceed all your expectations.

    Click here for more information about this space
  • Alone bike in the mountains

    Montejurra Bizi

    Discover one of the most legendary hills of Tierra Estella through 3 sign-posted trails running through the territory of Montejurra. This solitary peak, which was of great strategic value during the Carlist wars and has a characteristic much-photographed profile, reaches an altitude of 1045 metres.

    138 kilometers of awesome trails featuring complicated stages, sharp drops among holm oaks and hard climbs that will test your technique and physical fitness.

    A perfect massif to enjoy and challenge yourself with.

    More info on Montejurra bizi
  • Cyclists in the Sierra de Andia

    Centros BTT en los campings de Tierra Estella

MTB areas in Navarre's Central Zone

  • Central Zone-Erdi Aldea Mountain Bike Space

    What better way of getting to know the major attractions in Navarre such as the Olite Castle, Ujué, San Martín de Unx or the town of Puente la Reina, than on your bike.

    This is possible thanks to the 46 mountain bike routes in the region, which are perfectly sign-posted and cater for all levels. One of them - the perimeter route - covers the entire Central Zone, joining the towns participating in the project over 7 stages.

    • Although it doesn’t have an MTB Centre, you’ll find some very interesting services for cyclists, such as workshops, on its website.

    You will be spoilt for choice.

    Discover the Middle Zone on your mountain bike
  • Centros BTT en los campings de la Zona Media navarra: Olite y comarca

MTB areas in la Ribera

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