Rail Trails

Travelling, walking or switching off in a perfectly adapted space brimming with charm is easier than ever thanks to Rail Trails.

These routes travel along disused former railway lines, filled with history and barely touched by traffic, making them an easy and safe alternative to getting back to nature by bike or on foot. These nature walks are perfect for families, people with reduced mobility, older people, or anyone looking to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

No excuses. Plunge into the greenery of any of the five Rail Trails in Navarre on two wheels or on foot.


* Given that trails are resources that are affected by the weather, before doing a particular trail, you are advised to check that it is in good condition at the nearest tourist information office.

Warning: Bidasoa Rail Trail closed for work

  • From 15 June to 30 Jul
  • Section closed between the blue bridge at Sunbilla and Igantzi (Berrizaun)

Bidasoa Rail Trail

Route that follows the path of the former “Tren txikito” railway, which connected Elizondo and Irun. It passes through Oieregi, which may sound familiar because of the Bertiz Natural Park, and Behobia - a neighbourhood in Irun. Covering a total of 42 kilometres, 35 are in Navarre.

This itinerary rolls out through exuberant Atlantic forests and enchanting villages, which will leave you with a whole host of memories.

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Consult the route on Wikiloc here
Couple of cyclists along the Greenway of the Bidasoa
ciclistas por la Vía Verde del Plazaola

Nature Walk - Plazaola Rail Trail

Train route that connected Pamplona and Donostia-San Sebastian up to the mid-20th century. The Navarrese stretch - 42 kilometres long - passes through Leitza (a stone’s throw from the region of Gipuzkoa), and Sarasa, some 9 km from Pamplona.

A route through a true natural sanctuary, dotted with hamlets. You will pass through numerous tunnels, including that of Uitzi, the longest of all the European Rail Trails, with its 2.7 kilometres.

Cosult the route on Wikiloc here

Nature Walk - Tarazonica Rail Trail

Formerly known as el escachamatas (“bush breaker”) for its snail pace, this train connected the Ebro Valley with the Somontano. The route covers 22 kilometres, with 13 km in Navarre.

From Tudela to Tarazona, the route crosses gentle, rolling hills and passes through the region’s typical irrigated crop land.

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Consult the route on Wikiloc here
Cyclist on the Tarazonica Greenway
Couple of cyclists on the Irat Greenway

Irati Rail Trail

This route follows the disused railway that connected Pamplona, Aoiz and Sangüesa. This 6.4-kilometre Rail Trail zigzags between Liédena and Lumbier.

This short but beautiful route winds along one of the most spectacular landscapes in Navarre: the Lumbier Gorge Natural Reserve. Gorges and birds of prey will make your trip extremely special.

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Consult the route on Wikiloc here

Nature Walk - Basque-Navarrese Railroad Rail Trail

This route follows the path of the trenico (“little train”), which connected Estella-Lizarra to Bergara, passing through Vitoria/Gasteiz. The route crosses 123.5 kilometres, with 27 km in Navarre.

A fantastic opportunity to discover Tierra Estella and its wealth of cultural heritage and rail history from a different perspective.

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Riders and cyclists along the Greenway of the Vasco Navarro Railway

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