Grupo de personas observando estrellas delante del Castillo de Javier al atardecer

Tourism in Navarre: cognitive accessibility

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Easy-to-Read Document

This document is a guide
to explain the cognitive accessibility
of some tourist sites in Navarre.

This guide has been prepared
between the Marketing and Internationalisation Department
of the Government of Navarre,
by the Iddeas Foundation and ANFAS.

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All the information has been gathered from the websites of the actual resources, websites of associations and from specialist portals and directories, it may therefore be subject to change and to different interpretations. It is therefore advisable to contact the person in charge beforehand, in order to clarify any doubts and check that the accessibility conditions are still the same.

Places in Navarre with cognitive accessibility resources

  • Señal de Navilens en la Oficina de Turismo de Pamplona


    In Pamplona, NaviLens markers have been installed, which provide information on accessibility at different points along the Way of St James. At some of these points, there is access to information in Easy-to-Read format. Such as the City Hall, the Tourist Information Office, the Portal de Francia gateway in the city walls, the Cathedral and the Rincón del Caballo Blanco on the city walls.

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  • Plaza de los Fueros de Tudela


    The staff working at the Tourist Information Office in Tudela are trained in providing service to persons with a disability. Furthermore, there is a plaque on the façade that explains in Easy-to-Read format about the services offered at the Tourist Information Office.

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  • Torre del Castillo de Olite con visitantes


    The Royal Palace of Olite offers an Easy-to-Read self-guide that allows persons with comprehension problems to understand the history of the palace. The team of guides is specifically trained in treating and interacting with persons with an intellectual or developmental disability.

    What is more, some of the wineries in the area can prepare guided tours for groups, by prior arrangement. 

    Click here to get more information on Olite

Valleys, parks and natural areas in Navarre with cognitive accessibility

In Navarre, the teams of guides who provide services in the natural spaces are accustomed to adapting the tours to groups requiring accessibility.

Some places that you will find to be particularly responsive are: 

  • The Urbasa-Andia Nature Park
  • The Nature Interpretation Centres at Ochagavía, Roncal and the Lumbier Gorges
  • The Señorío de Bertiz nature park
  • The Caves of Zugarramurdi, Ikaburu (in Urdazubi/Urdax) and Mendukilo
  • The bird observatories at the reservoir of Las Cañas and the Laguna de Pitillas lagoon. At these places, there is still no Easy-to-Read information, but there are plans to have it in the future
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Silueta de carnero en la cueva de Zugarramurdi
Museums and cultural facilities in Navarre with cognitive accessibility

Museums and cultural facilities in Navarre with cognitive accessibility

  • Retrato del Marqués de San Adrián de Goya

    Museum of Navarre, in Pamplona

    In the section hand leaflets on the Museum of Navarre website, you can find 3 leaflets in easy-to-read format, which will help you to clearly understand part of the exhibits in this museum.

    The 3 leaflets are:

  • Pintura del museo de Gustavo de Maeztu

    Gustavo de Maeztu Museum

    One of the aims of this museum is to help promote social cohesion through culture. To do so, guided tours and activities adapted to the needs of each group are organised. The intention is thus to turn the picture gallery into an open space that promotes all-inclusiveness. Its website also indicates that this also covers the needs of persons with an intellectual or developmental disability.

  • Vitrinas expositivas con objetos de la antigüedad

    Museum of Tudela

    The website of the Museum of Tudela offers a virtual tour on this link allowing you to take a look around the museum. In the different rooms, you will find Easy-to-Read pictograms and expanded information that open descriptive documentation of the exhibition.

  • Tinaja en primer plano y parte del recorrido del yacimiento

    Las Eretas Archaeological Site and Museum

    For a long time now, Las Eretas Archaeological Site and Museum has been working on making the area accessible to everyone. Cognitive accessibility has been achieved by adapting leaflets with information on the museum to an Easy-to-Read format:

    In addition, each display panel has a QR code that downloads the information in Easy-to-Read format, in Spanish and Basque.

  • Grupo de personas con discapacidad cognitiva en el centro Ultreia

    Ultreia - Way of St James Interpretation and Pilgrim Reception Centre

    The Ultreia Centre has a NaviLens marker on the door, making it possible to access Easy-to-Read information.

Accommodation in Navarre with cognitive accessibility

Generally, the websites for accommodation in Navarre do not usually show their cognitive accessibility resources. Therefore, before making your booking, contact the establishment to make sure that it meets your needs in order to enjoy a comfortable, safe and self-sufficient stay.  

Detailed below is a hostel that does indicate on its website that it offers cognitive accessibility resources:

Gure Sustraiak hostel: adapted signage

Vista interior de una habitación del albergue Gure Sustraiak