Half Triathlon Pamplona-Iruña

This nationally recognised event is much more than a race, it's a real triathlon fiesta. This is all thanks to its hard, fast and spectacular circuits, to the number of participants and to the spectators, shouting as if there were no tomorrow.
The race starts in the turquoise blue waters of the Alloz reservoir, a moment when you can feel the nervous tension of each and every one of the athletes at the starting line... Ahead of them, they're faced with a 1,900 metre swim, followed by 85 km by bike and a 21 km run along the city walls and through the old quarter of Pamplona, including some really well-known sections such as the running of the bull route, right up to the finishing line in the iconic Plaza del Castillo square.
Two top class tourist sites plus exertion taken to its highest level and a different way of enjoying Navarre, its landscapes, culture and people. Guaranteed entertainment! Make a note of the date and be there to experience all the excitement of this competition.

Fecha 2024 pendiente

20 may - 20 may