• Idiomas: English, French, Castellano

  • Duración: Up to 3 hours

Would you like to see the final stage of the bull running as they come into the ring and are herded into their pens? Experience this adrenaline rush that you've seen on TV time and time again. ** Each morning in San Fermín, the Pamplona Bullring is packed with spectators to watch the runners and bulls coming in and this is followed by the popular and entertaining "vaquillas", when fighting cows are set loose in the ring, one at a time, allowing the participants to dodge the charging cows and to make passes in front of them.

Pamplona has one of the most important bullfighting festivals in the world. The bullfights start at 18:30h and are held from 7th to 14th July. The contrasting atmospheres between the seats in the sun and those in the shade is something that is unique and great fun to see. Get a ticket for the event!

06 jul - 14 jul