Information point and river in the Irati Forest

Navarre in autumn

Take a look at our plans bursting with colour and come and enjoy the splendour of autumn in Navarre 

In Navarre, autumn is a season of incredible brilliance, a season in which nature is resplendent with colours of golds and russets, reds and oranges in a climate that is still pleasant.

The leaves changing colour, wild mushrooms pushing up through the earth and the first fires in the hearths of country homes, all fill us with a warmth that is different from that of summer. One that is more comfortable and homely. But, be warned, this doesn't mean staying at home! Navarre is packed full of plans for the autumn, so read on!

Why visit Navarre in autumn?

  • Path between beech trees Explosion of coulour in the great beech forests

    Explosion of coulour in the great beech forests

  • Maison with garden Good weather for rural tourism

    Good weather for rural tourism

  • Pigeon dish with rice Hearty cuisine based on game and wild mushrooms

    Hearty cuisine based on game and wild mushrooms

Forest in autumn

When the leaves fall

Wander through enchanted forests

Although we really agree that walking through the woods has its charm in any season of the year, if we had to choose, we'd go for autumn.


Yet again, the burst of colour in the trees, making it a unique season. Watch the leaves slowly fall and listen to the sound of crisp leaves crunching under foot, bringing musicality to your walks. The proliferation of wild mushrooms and fungi, making the trails more entertaining. Chestnuts. Moss. Pleasant temperatures. Peace and quiet.

And let's not forget the benefits of woodland bathing. This therapy, which originated in Japan, will help you to free yourself from stress while enjoying a stroll through the woods, using all five senses.

There're even more reasons, but it'll be best if you come and discover them for yourself in our superb woodlands:

More trails for your autumn

At the risk of repeating ourselves, walking and hiking in Navarre is a must-do activity for everyone!

And the fact is that, in autumn, the woodlands are too beautiful to miss.

As we've already given a few suggestions about woodland walks, we'd now like to highlight a really curious option for this season, namely the Zumaque Trail in Estella-Lizarra. This trail is named after a shrub (Sumac) which came from Eastern countries and its intense red can only be seen for a few weeks in autumn. And, to put the finishing touch, have a Rhus beer, traditionally made using this plant as its main ingredient.

Are you still in need of more trail options for your autumn boost?

Gorges, Rail Trails, trails that combine caves, walks in gentle meadowlands, GR long distance routes and mountain climbing... we've got something for everyone!

More about hiking

Bicycles are also for autumn

Although, as the saying goes bicycles are for summer, autumn is also a great season to carry on pedalling, with temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold, the days are still long and the scenery is bursting with colour.

If you're holidaying as a family or if you like to do trails at your own pace, then we'd suggest the 5 Rail Trails in Navarre. These are located at different points of the region and offer you an exceptional variety of scenery and, of course, with that special touch of autumn: Atlantic woodlands, small, delightful villages, the spectacular Limestone Gorge of Lumbier, the reddish leaves of the vineyards and the well-tended market gardens of La Ribera in southern Navarre.

The MTB areas are another option, with trails catering for all skill levels and with thousands of kilometres of possibilities: more than 2,000 km in Tierra Estella in the south; 46 trails in the Central Zone; 400 km through the Irati Forest; 12 trails through the Esteribar Valley; and a further 5 through the Roncal Valley.

If you 're still undecided, then another option is to do part of the Way of St James by bike or start the EuroVelo 1 route in the part going through Navarre.

Cycling routes in more detail
Group of cyclists among the beech forest

Autumn plans for everyone

As we've already mentioned, autumn offers a host of different plans so that you can carry on enjoying being outdoors. So we're going to get straight to the point and tell you all about them.
Autumn plans to revitalise your spirit:

Other cultural suggestions for autumn

If you really appreciate the finest examples of Romanesque and Gothic rural architecture, then you're in the perfect place, given that this small Kingdom of Navarre holds a historical and artistic heritage that is well worth a visit.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to Cultural highlights blending in with nature Monastery of Leyre

    Cultural highlights blending in with nature

    Some of our most iconic monuments merge with nature, so the pleasure is double: the Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles, the Sancturary of San Miguel de Aralar, the Hermitage of Muskilda in the Irati Forest and the monasteries of Irantzu and Leyre.

  • Go to Castles and forts Artajona Fortress

    Castles and forts

    A classic activity that never fails to please all ages, adults and children alike. Don't miss the Royal Palace of Olite, the Castle of Javier or the fortified enclave of the Cerco de Artajona, where you can even go up a dragon's back!

  • Go to City and town breaks Church of San Pedro de la Rúa de Estella-Lizarra at night

    City and town breaks

    If you're coming for a weekend, how about visiting 3 really nice historical old quarters? Pamplona with its old city walls, Tudela with its colourful square, its streets full of urban art and its Romanesque cathedral and Estella-Lizarra with its really attractive and monumental district of San Perdro.

  • Go to Stroll through the streest of beautiful towns and villages Village with white houses

    Stroll through the streest of beautiful towns and villages

    There're so many that's it's not easy to mention just a few: Elizondo, Irurita and Amaiur in the Baztan Valley; Larraintzar, Lizaso and Iraitzoz in the Ultzama Valley, and Auritz/Burguete, Aribe, Ochagavía and Roncal in the valleys of the Pyrenees.

Way of St James: a combination of nature and culture

Autumn The ideal season to enjoy a peaceful Way with pleasant temperatures.

Another equally valid option is to explore the Way through its villages and monuments: the Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles, the Templar hermitage of Eunate, the superb example of Rormanesque architecture of the Church of Santa María la Real in Sangüesa, the village of Puente la Reina and its medieval bridge, and the attractive town of Viana.

I want to discover the Way of Saint James
Two pilgrims resting on the road
Mushroom foraging

Mushroom foraging

Navarre is a paradise for mushroom enthusiasts with two mycological parks to allow you to enjoy your hobby. Both offer mushroom picking permits, organise visits and give advice on any mushroom-related questions.

  • Ultzama Mycological Park

    At a distance of just 25 km from Pamplona, this valley which is renowned for its centuries-old oak trees in the Bosque de Orgi woods, has a consolidated mycological park that offers a number of trails to enjoy the oak and beech woods while getting into the magical world of mushrooms.

    Click to go to the Ultzama Mycological Park website
  • Erro-Roncesvalles Mycological Park

    Located in the valleys and settlements around Orreaga/Roncesvalles, this park covers a total surface area of more than 15,500 ha, of which more than 4,500 are woodlands of mycological interest. If you enjoy walking amidst beech trees, then this is the park for you.

    Click to go to the Erro-Roncesvalles Mycological Park website

Cuisine: autumn, finger-licking dishes

In autumn, not only the woodlands of Navarre are full of colour. The culinary dishes are also bursting with colour thanks to the succulent ingredients of the season.

It's time to savour the intense flavour of the piquillo peppers from Lodosa, which are really typical of our land, or freshly-picked wild mushrooms.

This can be followed with a dish of potxas, fresh white beans from Sangüesa or migas de pastor, shepherd's breadcrumbs from Ujué, or hearty dishes based on venison, wild boar or pigeon, which are highly appreciated in this season and are typical mountain dishes.

With the arrival of the colder months, coming close to winter, you'll get the chance to taste flavourful menus based on green vegetables: borage, cardoon, chicory, cabbage, artichokes... the ideal opportunity to savour new flavours and to visit Tudela, the capital city of La Ribera, in southern Navarre.

And, of course, all washed down with the best Crianza wines of Navarre. And, if you want to go one step further this season, then the Navarre Wine Route organises a host of wine activities and experiences for the general public.

Mushroom dish with egg

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The autumn agenda: marked by the seasonal flavours

In autumn there are two things that are winners in Navarre: outdoor activities and those activities organsied to pay homage to our culinary products, with are much-appreciated here... and the thing is that, in Navarre, we like to eat well and to celebrate things well.

Leaves of trees

Where to stay in Navarre in autumn?

We're well aware that, in this season, with the woodlands bursting with colour, this is the ideal opportunity to rent a wood cabin or let yourself be pampered in a welcoming rural hotel.

And you're in luck!

Navarre has a great selection of rural accommodation that will allow you to feel all the energy of nature:

What's Navarre got to offer in the other seasons of the year?

  • Two horses next to the Leurtza reservoir Spring


    Winter gives way to a season of intense greenery, trails, cuisine and lots and lots of nature.

  • Sailing boat in the Alloz swamp Summer


    The impressive mother earth and open air activities are yet again the protagonists of the hottest months of the year.

  • Girl reading by the fireplace Winter


    There's nothing like a nice stew by the fire for those winter days in which you'd like to feel at home.