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Navarre in summer

Summer has a lot to offer in this land of contrasts, so make the most of your holidays to really explore Navarre

Navarre is vibrant in summer. Its streets are full of life and its towns and villages are bursting with thousands of festivities. It's time to sit out on a bar terrace, to breathe in the pure woodland air and to enjoy the fiestas and local traditions. And, the best thing of all is that you can do so without having to put up with extreme temperatures, given that the weather here is pleasant all year round.

A visit to Navarre in the summer is energising. Everything is at its best! Nature, with its woodlands, gorges, rivers and reservoirs, picturesque villages with balconies full of flowers, and a cultural agenda packed full of events. Without forgetting the fact that this is a good time of year to do the Way of St James and the San Fermín festival is also held.

Reasons aren't lacking! Come and enjoy a season brimming with plans that are full of light, nature and excellent cuisine. Summer in Navarre is something else! You need to experience it to understand it.

Why come to Navarre in summer?

  • Sailing boat in the Alloz swamp A host of open-air activities

    A host of open-air activities

  • Romanic crypt Places of interest in all corners of the region.

    Places of interest in all corners of the region.

  • Giants and Bigheads parade in San Fermin Festival Deeply-rooted summer fiestas and traditions

    Deeply-rooted summer fiestas and traditions

Do the Camino

Summer and the Way of St James go hand in hand. This is the favourite season for pilgrims from all over the world to shoulder their backpack and start out on their journey.

There are a number of reasons for choosing this season: the days are longer so you can take your time doing the stages; the services are fully available; there's a high chance of meeting people; and the atmosphere in the towns and villages is livelier than at any other time of year.

And if you run out of time to complete the Way, that's no problem. Next summer, simply start where you left off! Remember: lightweight backpacks, friendliness among hikers, and a summer atmosphere. What more could you want?

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Sunset at the monument to the pilgrim at the top of Forgiveness
Source of the Urederra River

Get in contact with Nature

Take a dip in an ice-cold river, have a nap in the shade of a chestnut tree or watch the sun as it goes down behind the mountains. These are just some of the simple pleasures of being in Nature.

In Navarre, you can experience such pleasures anywhere at anytime.

Thanks to the fact that Navarre has a rich and varied natural landscape, you can climb up the high peaks in the Pyrenees, such as the Mesa de los Tres Reyes, lose yourself in an ancient oak grove, such as Orgi, or feel like you're on the moon in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park.

Navarre is nature at its most exuberant. Atlantic, Pyrenean and Mediterranean climates, side by side. And that's why Navarre is so unique.

View the must-visit nature spots in Navarre

Cool off in the water!

And Navarre is not bordered by the sea, but it does have a number of river pools, ready and waiting for you to easily take a refreshing, natural dip in the river.

And, of course, many villages also have their pools and these are generally really peaceful, or the place where you're staying may even have a pool.

And if you're one of those who think that "there's no summer without waves" then you can easily escape for a day at the beaches of the Bay of Biscay. The beaches are just 45 minutes from Pamplona, and even closer if you're staying in one of the valleys in the northwest of Navarre.

Let's dive in!

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Man and girl looking at cows in a meadow

Our TOP sports

  • Hiking

    Navarre can only be truly experienced by walking its trails. And we're not just talking for talking's sake. This is a land brimming with nature, and if you come here and don't put your boots on, then you'll have missed out on one of our strongest points.

    So, make the most of the nice summer temperatures and take a stroll in the shade of ancient beech and oak trees, or along our Rail Trails, alongside rivers, river sources and reservoirs, and enjoy the simple things in life.

    If you're feeling really active, then there are two options: on the one hand, the stages of the GR Routes that pass through Navarre or, on the other hand, mountaineering with some awesome panoramic views.

    And, if you're visiting Pamplona and you haven't got the use of a vehicle to access these routes, don't worry, because the the Arga River Walk starts in Pamplona. This is a beautiful 12-kilometre trail that will take you across bridges and footbridges, alongside mills and market gardens. A delightful walk right on your doorstep.

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  • Bike trails

    If you're into summer biking, then Navarre is the place for you because we've got tracks and trails galore. Here are just three ideas to whet your appetite.

    • Our 5 Rail Trails are easy-to-do and ideal for peacefully enjoying biking, taking you through many different spots.

    • The EuroVelo 1 cycle route allows you to do the Navarre section before going on to do the Norwegian Fjords or the route going towards Portugal. It's just a question of getting started.

    • The MTB areas comprise hundreds of kilometres to explore with trails for all levels of ability, spread across Navarre: in the Esteribar Valley there are 12 trails to choose from, more than 400 km to explore the Pyrenees, a further 46 km in the Central Zone and 2,000 km of trails in Tierra Estella in the south.

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Air and water sports

The warmth of summer is finally here! And you're sure to want to take a dip in the water. In Navarre, we don't really miss the sea because we've got hundreds of kilometres of rivers and reservoirs to help us to cool off and to practice water sports.

And if you're really adventurous then you've also got the option of doing paragliding and other air sports.

Las opciones no son pocas.

¿Te animas?

Group waiting to jump on a zip line in an adventure park

More ideas for your summer plans:

Adventure Parks

With the joy of summer, everyone feels like doing something more adventurous! The energy we get leads us to look for exciting thrills. And sharing experiences with family and friends is simply wonderful.

Get ready for an exhilarating zip lining experience, cross a Tibetan bridge, climb trees or, just like a spider, do a safe climbing course, dive into a natural water park or go on an adrenaline-pumping giant pendulum swing ride... Life is just perfect with challenges like these.

And where are all these adventures to be found? Well, they're spread across Navarre. Irrisarri Land, Bertiz and Baztan Abentura Park in the north. Senda Viva in the south, close to the Bardenas Reales Natural Park. In Lekunberri there is the Beigorri Aventure Park, and Artamendia in Aibar.

You're going to have a really fun time!

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Akerra at the entrance of the Zugarramurdi cave

More ideas for your summer plans:

Caves and witchcraft

Listen up! The following is not suitable for all audiences. If the myths and legends on witchcraft make your hair stand on end, then the following suggestions are perhaps not for you. However, if you're fascinated by stories about witches, dancing around the fire and frenzied nights, then you're in the right place. Because Navarre is the land of witches.

And the most legendary place is none other than the impressive Cave of Zugarramurdi, the scene of akelarres or gatherings of witches which were held right up to the 17th century. Get ready to give free rein to your imagination.

Another cave with an aura of mystery is the Cave of Ikaburu, formed 14,000 years ago and featuring an impressive display of stalactites and stalagmites. The guided tour will clear up all your doubts about these mysterious formations.

To end, mention must be made of the Cave of Mendukilo, in the heart of the Sierra of Aralar. Here you can take a guided tour of the cave and enjoy its geology and its silence, or get inspired and do its cave adventure program, which is more demanding due to its duration and the physical conditions required.

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Fiestas, events and shows in summer

You should know that, in summer, we abandon our typical seats because the shows go outdoors and are held in squares, on the city walls, in castles and gardens. Take note of the Kultur, Drama Festival of Olite, or the three in Pamplona (Festival de las Murallas (city walls), Flamenco On Fire and Reclassics).

The best thing to do is to take a look at our summer agenda, to feel all the magic of the best festivals in the north of Spain.

Typical village of the Pyrenees

Time to eat and rest

With so much outdoor activity and so many things to see and do throughout the day, it's natural that you won't even want to stop to eat. If you're not convinced about throwing down a blanket and having a picnic, then you should know that there are many different restaurants to choose from, and with quality produce.

And, when night falls, if you don't feel like shutting yourself up in a room, you can always rent a house in the country and lengthen your days, chatting in the garden. Or, for families, the option of camping is sure to be just the right choice. And if you like the atmosphere of the towns and villages, then choose a hotel or apartment located in the centre.

Must-see Navarre

  • River Gorge Must-see nature

    Must-see nature

    Lose yourself in a millennial beech forest, contemplate the most turquoise waters you have ever seen in a river, or be thrilled by the emptiness of a desert landscape. All this and much more, all in Navarre.

  • Royal Palace of Olite at dusk Must-see culture

    Must-see culture

    Navarre is packed full of Romanesque architecture. Churches, convents, collegiate churches and historic urban centres that are right out of medieval legends. To discover the true identity of Navarre, you need to delve into its history. And we can tell you right from the start that there's nothing boring about it!

  • Cheese and rosé wine Must-see gastronomy

    Must-see gastronomy

    Enjoy some local speciality pintxos, taste rosé wine at its peak flavour, or try out some authentic traditional Navarrese cuisine...

    How long since you truly indulged?