Group visits to Navarre: have a really enjoyable experience with your friends

Group visits to Navarre: have a really enjoyable experience with your friends

We've got loads of suggestions for having a fun time in the Kingdom

You choose your company, and Navarre will do the rest.

Whether you're looking for ideas for a quiet break in Navarre, or a slightly more active trip in contact with nature, or a city break in Pamplona, we've put together a whole variety of different options to choose from.

Although you may want to stay for longer and to do a tour of Navarre and enjoy a little of everything: activities in nature, cultural visits, shows, and sample our excellent cuisine...

To sum up, you won't have time to get bored in Navarre!

Whatever your number, in Navarre there's always a plan for you to enjoy as a group - or as a "cuadrilla", which is the local name for a group of friends here in Navarre.

Are you foodies? Well...the most delicious cuisine is coming right up!

If you're a group that loves good food, then you're set to have a finger-licking experience in Navarre.

Because, apart from our finest-quality regional produce, the culinary tradition of our land is evident throughout Navarre, in places that go beyond its restaurants, carveries and cider houses: its streets, its fiestas, ...

Here are a few ideas to enjoy our excellent cuisine in the in very best of company:

  • Are you foodies? Well...the most delicious cuisine is coming right up!

    Wine tourism activities

    You'll also know how to appreciate good wine, of course! Three designations of origin are the best example that we can give you to show that Navarre is a land of wine. So that you can raise a glass with your friends just about anywhere in the kingdom of Navarre.
    Check out the suggestions of the Navarre Wine Route.

    View more wine tourism plans
  • Are you foodies? Well...the most delicious cuisine is coming right up!

    Pintxos in Pamplona and Tudela

    As we've already said, cuisine is experienced in the street and particularly in the streets with pintxo bars in our cities. The bar counters full of delicious pintxos are sure to be one of the best culinary images that you'll remember of your trip to Navarre.

    Small bites prepared with fine quality ingredients and all the creativity and expertise of well-known chefs.

    We're off for pintxos
  • Are you foodies? Well...the most delicious cuisine is coming right up!

    Carveries and cider houses

    You can't leave Navarre without experiencing one of the most popular culinary customs: enjoying regional cuisine in a cider house or carvery.
    Take note: salt cod omelette, chorizo sausages cooked in cider, T-bone steaks, sirloins... You're definitely not going to go hungry here! Or thirsty either! Once you visit a cider house, you'll soon see why! You're going to love the atmosphere.

    We're off to a cider house

Other culinary plans

And for those of you who love direct contact with the rural world, visits to honey-making facilities, olive oil mills, cheese-making dairies and salt makers. Here you're spoilt for choice!

Fun in nature

Fun in nature

We can see it coming....

You're not going to stop taking photos of our most impressive beauty spots. So make sure that your phone is fully charged and then, as you know, share your photos on the social media with the hashtag #visitnavara and see who in the group gets the most "like its".

All about nature in Navarre

Time to move your body!

Come on! Exercising with your friends is the in thing! Challenge each other, have a few laughs and it's also a good way to motivate the lazy ones. If you're the sporting one in the group, then it's up to you to organise the route: hiking or biking?

Ah! So you need to get your adrenaline pumping? Then active tourism is for you:

  • Pareja practicando senderismo entre prados verdes y ovejas Hiking


    Amid oak and beech woodlands, alongside rivers, reservoirs and waterfalls...

  • Grupo de ciclistas entre el hayedo Bikes and MTB

    Bikes and MTB

    Rail Trails, the Way of St James, MBT areas or the EuroVelo 1 long distance route.

  • Practicando parapente con el monte Beriain al fondo Adventure sports

    Adventure sports

    Rafting, hang gliding, canyoning, caving, zip wires...

Adventure parks

Adventure parks

These locations fuse nature, sport and fun. The ultimate “all in one”.

You can come here to whizz down ziplines, walk over hanging bridges, enjoy water activities, and even see animals in their natural habitats, but they have so much more to offer.

All in a perfectly integrated natural setting: smiles guaranteed.

See all adventure parks
  • Disfrutando del bosleigh de Sendaviva


  • Descenso en tirolina en Irrisarri Land

    Irrisarri Land

  • Hombre en piragua sobre los árboles en Baztan Abentura Park

    Baztan Abentura Park

  • Circuito de cuerdas en Urbasa Abentura

    Urbasa Abentura

  • Cartel de entrada en Bertiz Abentura Park

    Bertiz Abentura Park

  • Niña practicando arborismo en el Parque de Aventuras Artamendia

    Artamendia Adventure Park

  • Arborismo en Beigorri Abentura Park

    Beigorri Adventure Park

City break and culture

City break and culture

Navarre is synonymous with culture.

Because this land is a crossroads with a rich and varied past, whose splendour has gradually impregnated its villages, towns and cities, making them destinations with a great artistic heritage.

And proof of this are the super plans that we've put together for your trip with your friends.

  • City break and culture

    A getaway to Pamplona

    Taking a weekend break with your friends?

    Wonderful, because Pamplona is one of those quiet yet surprising cities. Its monumental old quarter is so welcoming that, at times, it looks just like a village, then there are the city walls, its parks and gardens and its bars full of mouth-watering pintxos.

    You can't ask for more! Concerts and shows? You're also in luck.

    Click here to find out about everything on offer.

    We'd like to discover Pamplona
  • City break and culture

    Not-to-be-missed cultural attractions

    If you can only make a short stay, then don't miss our top cultural attractions:

    But if you're going to lengthen your stay, then there are many more things to discover: prehistoric sites, Roman settlements, Romanesque and Gothic churches erected along the Way of St James, and monasteries where Gregorian chants are still being sung even today...

    View more culture in Navarre

Other culture plans

Guided tours of historical old quarters, museums religious monuments and archaeological sites. You've got a difficult choice...

Looking for group accommodation?

Perfect! Because Navarre offers you a choice of apartments, hostels and country guest houses with sufficient space for all of you, adults and kids alike, so that you can enjoy a memorable experience, full of fun and laughter.

Or are you more into contact with nature? It couldn't be easier! Campsites and holiday homes, so that you can be in direct contact with mother earth.

When are you coming?

Discover what Navarre can offer in each season

  • When are you coming? Paisaje nevado con árboles


    There's nothing like a nice stew by the fire for those winter days in which you'd like to feel at home.

  • When are you coming? Paisaje con campos verdes y amarillos


    An incredible season, full of colour, trails, cuisine and lots and lots of nature.

  • When are you coming? Barcos de vela en el pantano de Alloz


    The impressive mother earth and open air activities are yet again the protagonists of the hottest months of the year.

  • When are you coming? Paisaje con el monte en tonos ocres


    Some destinations in the countryside of Navarre take on a special look in this pleasant season of the year.