Several people observe the richly sculpted façade of the church of San Pedro de Olite

Tourism in Navarre: physical accessibility

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After reviewing the information available on the actual resource websites and on specialist portals, we've come up with some suggestions that include almost 40 top tourist sites.

Given that this information may be subject to change and to different interpretations, you are advised to contact the person in charge in order to clarify any doubts and check that the accessibility conditions are still the same.

Physical accessibility in Pamplona

The neighbourhoods, city centre and old quarter are fairly accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Wide pavements with smooth, even surfaces, unique platforms and dropped kerbs, are the trend in the centre of Pamplona. 

There are numerous parking spaces reserved for PRM who have a parking card, and more than 600 in underground and surface car parks. Check out the parking spaces on the map. Furthermore, the urban bus network is also accessible for PRM.

Before visiting the city, it's a good idea to drop by the Tourist Information Office, located next to the City Hall and right on the Way of St James. It is accessible to persons with reduced mobility and you'll be able to ask about the accessible places and activities in the city. For example, to get to the cathedral of Santa María la Real located next to the city walls it is preferable to do so along the street called Calle Dormitalería, thereby avoiding the long slopes in the Calle Curia and Calle Navarrería streets.

You will also find NaviLens markers which provide information on accessibility at different points along the Way of St James. Some of these markers indicate alternative routes when the section is not accessible to wheelchair users. For example, there is information on how to access the Old Quarter of Pamplona by using the outdoor lift in the Calle de Descalzos street, instead of through the Portal de Francia gateway in the city walls.

General information on what to do and see in Pamplona
Image of the neoclassical facade of the Cathedral of Pamplona. In the foreground a terrace
Navilens sign on the door of the Pamplona Tourist Office

Physical accessibility at places to visit in Navarre


  • Family observing the fresco paintings inside the Palace of the Marqués de Huarte


    At the Tourist Information Office in Tudela, the staff are trained in providing service to persons with a disability. And two palaces, namely the Baroque palace of the Marqués de Huarte and the Palacio Decanal - Museo (Dean's Palace-Museum) of Tudela housed in the cathedral, also offer partial accessibility for persons with a physical disability.

    General information on Tudela
  • Pilgrim taking a picture of Santa María Jus del Castillo


    The Tourist Information Office is accessible to persons with reduced mobility. There you can enquire about accessible places and activities in the area. Its team of staff is trained in providing service to persons with a disability.

    General information on Estella-Lizarra
  • Sunset view of the Romanesque bridge and town of Puente la Reina

    Puente la Reina

    At Puente la Reina, the Tourist Information Office is accessible to persons with reduced mobility. Access to the toilets has recently been improved. There you can enquire about accessible places and activities in the area. Its team of staff is trained in providing service to persons with a disability.

  • Couple observing the towers of the Castillo de Olite during their visit


    The jewel of this medieval town is the Royal Palace of Olite. This Gothic monument is the most-visited one in Navarre and its ground floor and part of the first floor are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. A wheelchair-friendly lift is available and connects both floors and there are also disabled toilet facilities. The team of guides is trained in treating and interacting with persons with a disability.

    The Tourist Information Office also offers safe and convenient access to persons with reduced mobility.

    General information on Olite
  • Impressive Romanesque façade of the church of Santa María de Sangüesa


    The Del Carmen Auditorium has an area reserved for persons with reduced mobility. To purchase accessible tickets for an event you need to contact the Servicio de Cultura (Cultural Department): or phone +34 948 87 02 51.

  • Night view of Ochagavía from the center of the river with a waterfall in the foreground


    At the Nature Interpretation Centre there are accessible toilet facilities on the ground floor. The three floors are connected by a wheelchair-friendly lift. However, access from the pavement is along ramps with a gradient of almost 20%. Therefore, wheelchair users will require assistance. On the second floor of the Centre, visitors can watch a beautiful audiovisual on the Irati Forest. The Tourist Information Office is located on the ground floor, where you can get information on accessible places and activities in the area.

Valleys, parks and natural areas in Navarre with physical accessibility

Valleys, parks and natural areas in Navarre with physical accessibility

  • Señorío de Bertiz

    The Señorío de Bertiz Nature Park has 4 signed parking spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility. The Tourist Information Office is located next to the Señorío de Bertiz car park, as are some toilets which include wheelchair-friendly cubicles. Assistance is required to use both services due to the weight of the doors and to the slope of the ramp going down to the toilets.

    The Señorío de Bertiz Interpretation Centre has eliminated its architectural barriers and is adapted so that those persons with a physical disability are able to participate in the interactive exhibition.

    The park offers a 300 metre long accessible path that crosses the Botanical Garden and allows visitors to observe the forest systems at the park, on a small scale. The surface may be uneven, depending on the climate, and wheelchair users may require assistance. And there are a further 2 trails with facilities for persons with a physical disability. These are the first 2 km. of the Aizkolegi trail, along the main forest track in the park, and the 1.5 km. Erreparatzea trail that runs alongside the banks of the Bidasoa river.

    General information on the Señorío de Bertiz
  • Urbasa-Andia Nature Park

    The Urbasa-Andia Nature Park offers an accessible trail for persons with reduced mobility, namely the Morterutxo trail. This is an 800 metre long loop trail. The car park has reserved spaces, although the picnic area has no accessible tables and neither does it offer seating. Some sections of the trail have a gradient of more than 8%.

    For the time being, the campsite is the best option given that it has fully accessible toilet cubicles. If you are not staying at the campsite, then you first need to request permission either at the bar or reception desk. The reception desk is not wheelchair-friendly but the team of staff is extremely efficient in its service. 

  • Malerreka Valley

    At the Leurtza Reservoirs you will find a short 2 km. easy-to-do trail that encircles the lower reservoir and physical accessibility measures are in place. The car park has spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility. The trail is accessible to wheelchairs and there is a stone border on both sides, to keep wheelchairs on track. It is equipped with benches, rest areas and is well signed. Midway along the trail, and at the end, there are gradients of more than 8%. The surface is poorly compacted in some sections, which could become worse in bad weather.

  • Lumbier Gorge and Arbaiun Gorge

    The Irati Rail Trail, in the Lumbier Gorge, is accessible to wheelchairs although the surface is uneven in some sections and could be awkward.

    The Gorge Interpretation Centre, located in Lumbier, offers information on these unusual habitats in Navarre and visitors can watch an interesting audiovisual. There is accessibility on all four floors. The lift is small but can be used by persons with reduced mobility. The disabled toilet is fairly small, with a turning space of 1.2 m in diameter in the cubicle interior. 

    General information on the gorges
  • Bardenas Reales Nature Park

    This surprising desert located in La Ribera in southern Navarre has a Visitor Information Centre that is accessible to persons with reduced mobility. There is a 34 km. trail through the most spectacular parts of this unique landscape, which can be done in a fun and safe way with adapted buggies, a service offered by the company Activa Experience.

    General information on the Bardenas Reales
  • Belagua Valley

    In this valley, a must-visit is the Rincón de Belagua also known as the Mata de Haya woods. Here you will find the 700 metre long Sendero de los Sentidos (Trail of the Senses), running through a beechwood at an altitude of almost 1,000 metres. Both the recreation area and the car park offer good conditions for wheelchair users, although they are not completely accessible. This trail invites visitors to get a sensory experience by using their senses of smell and hearing. There is a signposted trail in the woods for persons with reduced mobility, approximately 1.7 km. long.

  • Roncal Valley

    In the Roncal Valley there is a partially accessible route in Burgui. This is the start of the Basari and Burgui Gorge trail, which runs alongside the left bank of the river Esca. The adapted route for persons with reduced mobility starts at the medieval bridge, continues along the Paseo de los Oficios (Walk of the Trades), and goes as far as the ice house. Information panels can be consulted for the recreations of the various ethnographic elements, with particular mention of an impressive life-size “almadía” (traditional rafting practice of transporting wood downstream). The well-compacted terrain is asphalted, except for a few sections that are unpaved. The path is more than 150 cm wide and there is obstacle-free turning space. You need to bear in mind that some sections have a gradient of more than 8%.

  • Ultzama Valley

    In the Ultzama Valley, 25 kms from Pamplona, lies the Bosque de Orgi wood. There are a number of physical accessibility resources among the amenities offered at this age-old oakwood. 
    In the car park, there are two reserved spaces. In the picnic area, there is a table that provides front access for wheelchairs. A disabled toilet cubicle is available with double transfer space, although access is through an area with an uneven floor. The trail round the oakwood is signposted as accessible for persons with reduced mobility, given that it has wooden walkways and side protections, although in some areas the soil compaction is not optimal. And, finally, there is a bird observatory and viewpoint with benches and space for a wheelchair.

  • Mendukilo Cave

    The tour of the Mendukilo cave, in the village of Astiz, in the heart of the sierra of Aralar, is made on foot. The 540 metre route includes a floating walkway and a lot of stairs, descending to a depth of 40 metres. The tour of the cave can still be enjoyed by persons with reduced mobility. To make this experience possible, the Mendukilo team has developed a virtual tour through videos and 360º photos that are viewed through virtual reality glasses. 

  • Sendaviva Nature Park, in Arguedas

    This park, which combines animals, attractions and shows, offers many details that are necessary for persons with reduced mobility. Including reserved spaces in the car park that is closest to the access point, accessible transport throughout the park, accessible counters and toilets in all areas of the grounds. In some of these areas, the toilets are unisex. 

    The restaurants, shows and various attractions are completely accessible for persons with mobility problems. The team responsible for visitor care at the park is trained in treating and interacting with persons with a disability. More information on the accessibility of Sendaviva can be found on its website.

Physical accessibility of the rail trails in Navarre

Rail trails are former railway lines from which the tracks and sleepers have been removed. The surface is either asphalted or compacted to make hiking or biking easier. For this reason, and thanks to their low gradients, these trails have a great deal of potential for physical accessibility.

In Navarre there are 5 rail trails: 
- Two in the northern or Mountain area: the Plazaola trail and the Bidasoa trail
- Two in the Central Area: the Irati trail and the FC Vasco Navarro trail
- One in the Ribera in southern Navarre: the Tarazonica trail

We are now going to summarise some important details on the physical accessibility of their routes. As usual, we would recommend confirming this before your visit.

  • Couple walking on the road with trees on the sides

    Nature Walk - Plazaola Rail Trail

    This 66 km. long trail starts in Sarasa, passes through Lekunberri (Navarre) and ends in Andoain (Gipuzkoa). The type of surface varies from one section to another. From Erice de Iza to Aizkorbe, and from Mugiro to Uitzi there are some changes in gradient where wheelchair users will require assistance. Between the Navarre border and Andoain, there is a 17 km. section that may be difficult for wheelchairs due to possible potholes and muddy conditions on rainy days. The route is lined with leafy trees and goes through a number of tunnels, offering shelter on hot days. For this reason, it is an ideal trail all year round.

  • Cyclist passing in front of a facade of a typical Baztan house

    Bidasoa Rail Trail

    This trail runs between the villages of Oieregi and Endarlatsa, with the Bidasoa river as a travelling companion for 35 kms. The surface is varied, with either concrete, asphalt or compacted earth, depending on the section. It has quite a few shortcomings with regard to permitting wheelchair users to get by on their own. Potential road traffic in some sections giving access to farmhouses. There are some potholes in the section between Sunbilla and Lesaka. There are differences in gradient between Legasa and the Señorío de Bertiz nature park.
    The nearest disabled toilet is at the Señorío de Bertiz in the Tourist Information Office building.

  • Couple with their backs turned contemplating the gorges of La Foz

    Irati Rail Trail

    This incredible track connects the nearby towns of Liédena and Lumbier, separated by a distance of just 6.4 km. Its route runs through the tunnel in the Lumbier Gorge, one of the most impressive spots in Navarre, with vertical walls that rise up more than 100 metres over the river bed. The terrain is compacted earth, and some sections have loose gravel. Wheelchair users may require assistance when moving along these sections, although there are no steep slopes.

  • 3 riders with their horses ride along the track and meet a cyclist

    Nature Walk - Basque-Navarrese Railroad Rail Trail

    The complete 123.5 km. rail trail connects the town of Estella-Lizarra in Navarre with the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in Álava and the town of Bergara in Gipuzkoa. The Navarre section is the simplest, covering a distance of 27 kilometres. It starts at the Estella-Lizarra bus station, which was the former railway station, and then passes through the municipalities situated along the banks of the river Ega, with Zuñiga being the last village in Navarra. The terrain is mostly compacted earth, although the surface has been asphalted between Estella-Lizarra and Zubielqui. There are occasional slopes in the section between Zubielqui and Murieta.

  • A couple is walking and a cyclist passes by

    Nature Walk - Tarazonica Rail Trail

    The trail connects the city of Tudela in Navarre with Tarazona in the province of Zaragoza. It covers a distance of 22 km., 13 km. of which are in Navarre. The terrain varies, while some sections are asphalted others are compacted shingle. There are no difficult gradients with the only exception of the footbridge over the Ablitas road, at some 4 km. from the start in Tudela.

Museums and cultural facilities in Navarre with physical accessibility

  • Gustavo de Maeztu Museum

    One of the aims of this picture gallery in Estella-Lizarra is to help promote social cohesion through culture. To do so, guided tours and activities adapted to the needs of each group are organised. The intention is thus to turn the museum into an open space that promotes all-inclusiveness, as well as to help people to stimulate their skills and to achieve greater self-knowledge. The museum has recently connected its 3 floors with a spacious outdoor lift in the building's courtyard.

  • Museum of Carlism

    This historical museum in the town of Estella-Lizarra has lifts, moving ramps and disabled toilets to meet the needs of persons with reduced mobility.

  • Muñoz Sola Modern Art Museum

    This pictorial museum, located in the city of Tudela has an accessible main entrance for persons with reduced mobility. The building comprises 4 floors which are accessible through a lift. Its website indicates that all the services and facilities are accessible to all.

  • Museum of Tudela

    The Museum of Tudela website offers a virtual tour on this link. In this tour through the building, you will see that there are stairs and changes of level. There are areas that cannot be accessed by wheelchair users, however others can be accessed with assistance.

  • Jorge Oteiza Museum

    This museum located in the village of Alzuza, very close to Pamplona, has its own car park with a parking space reserved for persons with reduced mobility. At the entrance there is a small change in level and the information counter allows wheelchairs to reach it from the side. 

    The building has a lift, stair lift and some ramps with an approximate gradient of 10%. The exhibition rooms are spacious and offer obstacle-free turning space. There are 2 accessible toilets with sliding doors, transfer bars and a 150 cm obstacle-free space.

  • University of Navarra Museum

    The adjoining car park and the auditorium of this museum located in Pamplona both have places and spaces reserved for persons with reduced mobility, wheelchair users. The lifts are spacious. The toilets have individual wheelchair-accessible cubicles. And, according to the information provided on its website, there is a wheelchair hire service for anyone who may need one.

    On the museum website you can view some of its exhibitions by exploring its different rooms. In many of these virtual tours, you can view the different spaces, even from the building access point.

  • Pamplona Planetarium

    The entrance to the Planetarium is by a ramp with a change in gradient of less than 8%. Inside there is a lift that connects all the floors and there are also ramps to go from one level to another. The exhibition rooms are fairly spacious, although one room has a slight slope. The disabled toilet is in basement -1 and it has a 1m turning space. The toilet has a folding bar on the left and a fixed one on the right.

  • Ultreia - Accessible Way of St James Interpretation and Pilgrim Reception Centre

    The centre, located in the Calle Mayor street of Pamplona, was designed with universal accessibility in mind, and has therefore found a solution to physical accessibility with a number of measures. Access from the street is flat. The building interior allows for sufficient turns and the changes in level are overcome by ramps that are compliant with regulations. The information counter at the entrance is low and allows wheelchair users to approach it from the front. There is an accessible toilet.

  • Museum of the Witches of Zugarramurdi

    Although not very spacious, there is a lift that connects its 3 floors. There is also a leaflet with the texts of the exhibition, to make it easier for wheelchair users to read, should they have problems moving around the centre. There is an interesting audiovisual that can be viewed on the ground floor. There is also a disabled toilet.

  • Peru-Harri Museum

    The Park Museum of Stone located in Leitza, is the property of the Perurena family. It pays tribute to the herri kirolak, Basque rural sport. The tour starts on the ground floor of the Gorrittenea farmhouse. On this ground floor there is an exhibition room and audiovisuals are projected. The toilet is on this same floor and is just accessible, with a door that opens inwards, a washbasin that cannot be reached from the front and a toilet with just one bar. 

  • “Las Eretas” Archaeological Site and Museum in Berbinzana

    For a long time now, work has been going on in this museum in order to make the area accessible to everyone. The entire museum is on the ground floor, however the disabled toilet has only one transfer bar on the wall side. Physical accessibility to the archaeological site has been achieved by replacing the gravel paths with wooden walkways. 

  • Roman Villa of Las Musas

    There is an accessible entrance to this former villa of Arellano, with a compacted grit surface first and then an interlocking concrete pavement. Inside, a raised platform has been installed, making it possible to do a tour of the perimeter without going down to the actual site. This platform has a mesh grid floor that is flat, with no changes in level and with sufficient turning room. The platform holds a number of benches to take a rest. The toilets are in the car park area and have 2 disabled cubicles, with 117 cm turning room inside.

Palaces, castles and monasteries in Navarre with physical accessibility

  • Two children next to a J in front of the Castillo de Javier

    Castle of Javier

    This castle, the birthplace of St Francisco Javier, the patron saint of Navarre, is accessible to persons with reduced mobility thanks to the following details. Access is via a ramp over paving stones. In the castle interior, ramps are used to overcome the changes in level, although not for the turret. The toilet has a bar on the transfer side. In the vicinity, there is another accessible public toilet in the area of the hotel gardens and restaurants. 

    More information on the Castle of Javier
  • Silhouette of the Castillo de Olite at dusk

    The Royal Palace of Olite

    The reception area of this beautiful Gothic palace has recently been upgraded to install accessible toilets and a lift, thereby allowing persons with reduced mobility to visit its first floor. There they can explore the different rooms of the court of Carlos III and enjoy a view of the lovely hanging garden, built at the request of Queen Leonor to her spouse. 

    To enjoy those spaces that are inaccessible, a 360º virtual tour can be made through the following links:

  • Cloister of the Irantzu Monastery

    Monastery of Irantzu

    Access is via a flat pedestrian street. Before reaching the entrance, there is a ramp with a 7% gradient and uneven surface. The tour of the monastery interior is made on the ground floor and with no changes in level, however there are occasional steps at the entrance and at the access points to the kitchen and the church. There are disabled toilets both inside and outside the monastery. The ones in the monastery are on the ground floor and there is a free turning space of 1.40m and transfer bars. Take note that there is an automatic timer for the lighting.
    You can get more information and some photos by clicking on this accessibility document

  • Rear of the Monastery of Fitero

    Monastery of Fitero

    It has one parking space reserved for persons with reduced mobility in the Calle del Cortijo street. From there, the simplest way to gain access is on this same street, via an even paved path. The tour of the monastery takes place on the ground floor and, to access the cloisters, there is a small 7 cm step.

  • Aerial view of the Sanctuary over the fog and in the background you can see Mount Beriain

    Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar

    This sanctuary offers 4 disabled spaces in its car park, very close to the pedestrian access to the same. The 150 metre path to the sanctuary is uneven and the surface is not compacted. It is therefore advisable to confirm its condition beforehand. There is a wooden ramp to gain access to the building interior which overcomes steps and changes in level, however it does not go as far as the sacristy. Although the church has no accessible toilet, one is available in the restaurant which is part of the same complex. This toilet has transfer bars.

Porch with table and chairs around it in front of a ground floor house with a ramp to access it
Kitchen with module under the hob extracted towards the center of the kitchen

Accommodation options in Navarre with physical accessibility

Below you'll find a list of links to hotels, country holiday homes and apartments in Navarre that advertise as being accessible to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) on the main tourist platforms.  

Given that these platforms apply different filters in each specific case, we would advise you to take these simple steps:

1.    Select the platform that you normally use to make your bookings

2.    On the search engine, look for the accessibility filters that you are interested in

3.    Select the dates for your stay in Navarre 

4.    Choose the establishment that you consider to be the most suitable

5.    And, finally, before making your booking, contact the establishment to make sure that it covers all your functional needs, so that you can enjoy a comfortable, safe and independent stay.


We are now going to tell you how to find accessible accommodation on the different booking platforms:


Book your stay

Google: wheelchair accessible accommodation in Navarre

Booking: provides information on the accessibility of the establishment and the guestroom and, in each case, it applies certain criteria. The filtered searches of most interest are indicated below:
* All the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Airbnb: all the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Equalitas Vitae: is a portal specialising in travel for persons with reduced mobility. As well as accommodation, it provides information on restaurants, natural spaces, culture and activities

Tripadvisor: all the accommodation options in Navarre more info all the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Trivago: all the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Kayak: all the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Atrápalo: all the accommodation options in Navarre more info

Omnirooms: is an accessible portal specialising in accessible accommodation for people with reduced mobility (PMR). Once you have selected the dates and, based on the results, you can select the accessibility filters that are right for you. All the accessible accommodation options in Navarre more info


Hotel room with large window, bed, armchairs and circular bathtub
Bookcase with drawers and shelves and table with chairs