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Navarre in Spring

Natural sites, gastronomy and events. Possibilities blossom everywhere you look

Reasons for coming to Navarre in Spring

The best springtime plans in Navarre

We can say it loudly and clearly: the top plan is to emerge from your homes, as winter has been long and it’s time to get moving!

How you do this is up to you. In this region you have the luxury of choosing. Whether you want to walk through the Orgi oak forests in Ultzama, dive into the medieval past of Estella-Lizarra, or pay gastronomical homage during the Navarre Pintxo Week, which usually marks the end of winter and the start of spring. You can drink up the history of monumental Pamplona, follow one of the Rail Trails, or discover Navarrese wines along the Wine Route.

As you can see, there is no place for boredom. If you need a couple of pointers, this is the section for you:

Source of the Urederra River
Castildetierra with the snowy Moncayo in the background

Forests and natural parks where you can unwind

If you are tired of the same four walls and would rather see tree boughs above your head, Navarre has plenty of forests to choose from. Visit the beech groves on the Mata de Haya trail in Belagua, and you will feel you are walking under the central nave of a Gothic cathedral. Photo opportunity guaranteed!

One option for good weather is a trip to the Leurtza reservoirs. Its trails through the beech trees and barbecue areas make for a wonderful day out.

Another fabulous destination is the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park. Dolmens, huts for shepherds, meadows, beech groves and breath-taking viewpoints, such as the Balcón de Ubaba (also known as Pilatos) or the viewpoints from the Sierra de Andía. Not to mention, of course, the Source of the River Urederra. For many, this is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Navarre.

If you are looking for something different, our recommendation is simple: the Natural Park of Bardenas Reales. You will think you are in Arizona or in the Game of Thrones, but no, you are still in Navarre.

Everything about must-see nature

The Way of St James in full bloom

The truth is that except for winter, the Way in Navarre is a delight all year round.

Spring is especially wonderful because the days are longer, temperatures are mild, and the landscapes next to the trails are bursting with flowers.

What can we say about the stages... Setting off from Orreaga/Roncesvalles, crossing Pamplona and walking through villages with a medieval feel such as Puente la Reina, Estella-Lizarra and Viana is a pleasure during this season.

No joke. If this is your favourite season, you are bound to fall in love with the Way in springtime.

I want to follow the Way of St James
Pilgrim walking among rapeseed fields
Practicando parapente con el monte Beriain al fondo

Enjoying outdoor sport

Spring gives us a fresh burst of energy, which needs to be channelled.

  • Hiking

    At last! The explosion of green has reached the Navarrese forests. Walking along the pathways with a leafy green ceiling shading us from the sun is a true delight.

    There are many kilometres of trails still to go, so let’s whet our appetite with some of our favourite springtime hikes.

    If you feel like getting the whole family out to stretch their legs, suggest a trip to the Source of the River Larraun-Iribas. This extremely pleasant circular route is perfect for rounding off with a delicious meal in a nearby cider house.

    Other walks that will leave you refreshed and tranquil, are the Rail Trails, such as the Tarazonica, a 22-kilometre route that joins Tudela and Tarazona, through gentle landscapes and past carefully-tended allotments.

    Finally, if you have never lost yourself in an enchanted beech grove, we recommend the Mountaineers Itinerary in the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park where you can let your imagination soar.

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  • Cycling and mountain biking

    The time has come to service your bike because fine weather brings with it the urge to get pedalling. There are many different enjoyable and safe cycling routes in Navarre.

    In fact, there are various Greenways which are much appreciated by Navarrese locals for their good condition and beauty. One of these is the 42-kilometre Navarrese stretch of the Plazaola Rail Trail, which joined Pamplona to San Sebastian.

    Another example is the Eurovelo Route 1, which will join the Norwegian fjords with Portugal. The stretch which passes through Navarre is practically finished.

    However, if you are looking for more excitement and want to give your mountain bike a good run out, the Esteribar Valley offers 12 mountain bike routes to choose from, more than 400 km to cover in the Pyrenees, a further 46 km in the Central Zone, and 2,000 kilometres of paths to enjoy in Tierra Estella.

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Active tourism in nature

Here, Mother Earth has etched landscapes and mountains for centuries; perfect for visitors looking to try out different sports.

  • Boy climbing the rock

    Canyoning and caving

  • Boy in canoe

    Canoeing and paddle surfing

  • Raft descent through the Foz do Lumbier


  • Boy segway through a forest

    Buggy and segway

  • Person on a zip line over green meadows

    Rock climbing and ziplines



With so much outdoor activity you are bound to be hungry. Luckily for you, Navarre is the place to be if you are peckish. There are so many rich and varied gastronomic possibilities in this region that you will be surprised day after day.

With this introduction, it goes without saying that one of the essential spring plans is enjoying our food... And drink. We have produce, technique and enthusiasm, so be sure to note down our recommendations.

  •             If you love wine and are interested in finding out how it is made, the Navarre Wine Route is an essential visit. Discover the inside of wine cellars and taste the wines with expert guidance. Do not leave without calling in to any of the numerous festivities held around this time for rosé wine.

  •             If always order everything because you cannot decide on one dish, the Pamplona Pintxo Week is what you have been waiting for. We can sum it up in three words: flavour, innovation and quality.

  •             What about visiting an artisan cheese factory? See the animals, discover the manufacturing process, and of course, leave with unique cheeses for your next gourmet meal. Yum yum.

  •             In general, any worthy foodie knows there is nothing better than sitting down at a table in one of our cider houses, roast houses and restaurants. Many of these premises are committed to organic, local produce, and have been awarded the KM0 label. You will be hard pressed to find fresher, seasonal food - with the particularly outstanding asparagus - or more comforting wines.

Room for more? Don’t worry, we have plenty more to offer. If you need even more ideas for spring plans, take a look at the gastronomic dates on the calendar, awaiting you in Navarre:

Gastronomical event calendar

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Shall we begin?

Must-see Navarre

  • River Gorge Must-see nature

    Must-see nature

    Lose yourself in a millennial beech forest, contemplate the most turquoise waters you have ever seen in a river, or be thrilled by the emptiness of a desert landscape. All this and much more, all in Navarre.

  • Royal Palace of Olite at dusk Must-see culture

    Must-see culture

    Navarre is packed full of Romanesque architecture. Churches, convents, collegiate churches and historic urban centres that are right out of medieval legends. To discover the true identity of Navarre, you need to delve into its history. And we can tell you right from the start that there's nothing boring about it!

  • Cheese and rosé wine Must-see gastronomy

    Must-see gastronomy

    Enjoy some local speciality pintxos, taste rosé wine at its peak flavour, or try out some authentic traditional Navarrese cuisine...

    How long since you truly indulged?