Have you heard about the project underway to allow people to cycle across Europe, along 80,000 km split into 16 routes? That’s right, your ears do not deceive you.

The EuroVelo 1 route, called the Atlantic Coast Route, is one of them, and it passes through Navarre. Upon completion, this project will join the Norwegian fjords with Portugal over 11,000 kilometres, crossing 14 UNESCO sites, 4 European seas and 6 countries.


The Atlantic Coast Route enters Spain through the Atlantic Pyrenees in Navarre. It starts off in Endarlatsa in the north, and links up to the Way of St James. These 203 km are distributed over 5 stages, and in order to condition the first two steps, the Bidasoa and Plazaola Rail Trails have been joined by the “Ederbidea” project.

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  • Stage 1 - 28Km

    Irun - Endarlatsa - Doneztebe/Santesteban

    From Gipuzkoa, the EuroVelo 1 enters Navarre via the Bidasoa Rail Trail. From Endarlatsa, passing through Bera, to Doneztebe/Sanesteban, this disused former railway crosses magnificent open green landscapes dotted with hamlets, picturesque tunnels, typical villages, and even the odd forgotten bunker. An easy, pleasant, and practically flat route.

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  • Stage 2 - 53Km

    Doneztebe/Santesteban - Irurtzun

    In the Malerreka Valley, flanked by various mountains such as the Mendaur, sits the elegant town of Doneztebe/Santesteban, the starting point for the route towards the Basaburua Valley, where one of the Plazaola Rail Trail stretches finishes.

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  • Stage 3 - 20 Km

    Irurtzun - Pamplona

    (pending conditioning and sign posting from Sarasa to Pamplona). The route passes through the town of Iza, leaving behind Añezcar before reaching Pamplona.

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  • Stage 4 - 54Km

    Pamplona - Estella-Lizarra

    (Stage pending sign posting). From Pamplona, this route follows the Way of St James to Estella-Lizarra, also coinciding with the EuroVelo 3. This itinerary is packed with single-street villages, medieval bridges, large monuments, landscapes that change colour with every season, wine cellars and top-quality gastronomy.

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  • Stage 5 - 45Km

    Estella-Lizarra - Logroño

    (Stage pending sign posting). These are the final kilometres in the Navarrese territory before entering Rioja lands. Shortly after leaving Estella-Lizarra is the Iratxe Monastery. Further along, past the rocky castle of Villamayor de Monjardín, the route reaches Los Arcos, Torres del Río and finally Viana, which peacefully faces the horizon towards Alava and La Rioja from its place up on a hill.

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The diversity of Navarre is palpable throughout the stages. From the spectacular green landscapes of the north, dotted with hamlets, along the cobbled city streets of Pamplona, to the flatter, more arid landscapes that surround the cities, with a medieval feel along the final stretch.

Access the digital map of the EuroVelo 1 route

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