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Plans for two in Navarre

Everything you need for in a romantic trip to a true Kingdom

You can stop searching: here are the plans for two you need to celebrate love. What’s more, they are all in a true Kingdom, that of Navarre.

At last the time has come to steal some time from the everyday grind that keeps you apart, and to enjoy a few days of unwinding.

Here you will find some classic romantic ideas that never fail, as well as more innovative suggestions, making Navarre the ideal destination for couples.

Love is in the air, can you feel it too?

Plans for two in Navarre that you will fall in love with

  • Couple contemplating the Bertiz Park A thousand and one plans for unwinding and enjoying nature

    A thousand and one plans for unwinding and enjoying nature

  • Pamplona, night view Cities that shine far from the everyday hustle and bustle

    Cities that shine far from the everyday hustle and bustle

  • Interior of a restaurant Eat and sleep in magical settings

    Eat and sleep in magical settings

Man looking at the landscape from the mountain

Plans for two

Traditional romantic plans in Navarre never fail.

That’s why we want to surprise and astonish you with our nature and enchanting: waterfalls, walks around reservoirs, leafy forests and breath-taking viewpoints...

No excuses, you have countless hiking and cycling routes to enjoy with your partner. Why not?

  • Hiking

    Walking through ever-green meadows, hand in hand through beech forests or mysterious millennial oak woods. Follow a Rail Trail or the Way of St James with your partner. Stop and listen to the babbling water in the river, the strength of the waterfall, or feel the soft sway of the tree branches above you...

    Love is in the air... Can you feel it?

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  • Cycling and mountain biking

    If you feel more comfortable on two wheels, you are in the right place, because Navarre is extremely well prepared for cyclists.

    For a relaxing ride where you can enjoy the countryside at a leisurely pace, choose one of its five Rail Trails, where you can also combine your hobby with a piece of local history. Another option is to follow a section of the Way of St James, or the EuroVelo Route, and if you are craving complete freedom, listen out for our Mountain Biking spaces.

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Other activities for two in nature

There is so much nature to be enjoyed in Navarre, especially if you are both adventurers at heart.

Here, Mother Earth has etched landscapes and mountains for centuries; perfect for visitors looking for adventure sports.

Here is a sneaky peak:

Detail of a door of the cathedral of Pamplona

Enjoy the city

In some of Navarre’s medium and small cities, where you can explore at a leisurely pace and make the most out of your romantic trip to the region.

From the capital, Pamplona, an ideal destination for a weekend break for two, to some of the Kingdom’s smaller cities, you can always be sure of three things:

  • A gastronomy that will surprise you, using a mastery of top-quality local produce to create exquisite dishes. In some cases, even miniature delights.

  • Thousands of years of history steep every corner with culture, with outstanding castles, artistic buildings and monuments.

  • All the leisure options you could possible want: shows, concerts, exhibitions... You can find it all here.

     Here are two of our suggestions:

  • Pamplona

    A romantic getaway to Pamplona is a guaranteed success.

    Not only will this city welcome you with open arms, but you will also find everything you need for a completely romantic trip: cultural visits to choose from, a fascinating billboard of shows, an extremely well-tended historical centre, green areas for romantic strolls, great restaurants and cultural ambiance that can be felt across the entire city.

    More about Pamplona
  • Tudela

    Another essential getaway destination for different reasons:

    Up to 28 varieties of exquisite vegetables can be tried in its restaurants; its spectacular monumental heritage which reflects the passing of Jewish, Mozarabic and Christian populations; urban art which is alive and visible on the walls of the historical centre.

    Must-see visits include its cathedral, the Dark Room, walking to the viewpoint at the Cerro de Santa Bárbara, and enjoying refreshments in the pretty Plaza de los Fueros.

    You should also know that very close by are the Bardenas Reales, just a stone’s throw away to visit.

    More about Tudela
Group participating in an outdoor wine tourism experience

Wine Tourism

If you are looking for a 100% wine tourism experience, in Navarre you can truly immerse yourself in the world of wine and enjoy a few days with activities including visits to a vineyard or sleeping in an authentic wine cellar.

All of this washed down with some magnificent wines, accredited with three Designations of Origin: D.O. Navarra, D.O. Rioja and D.O. Cava.

Navarre serves the wine, and you bring reasons to raise a glass!

  • Visit wine cellars and much more

    An experience that will forever remain in your album of good memories, is learning about the wine making process: The centenary ritual the wine follows until it reaches our tables.

    But if a visit to a wine cellar is not enough for you, there are more experiences you may find highly attractive: buggy-rides through vineyards, in a military hummer or in a 4x4; try your hand at oenology, paired tasting sessions, or even blind tastings.

    The best part always comes at the end, with a wine tasting session accompanied by some of the finest gastronomical products from the land.

    See all wine tourism activities
  • Wine tourism route

    This wine tourism route takes you to 25 different locations in the Central Zone and La Ribera.

    This route lives, breathes and celebrates wine, with a well-thought-out selection of wine cellars, wine bars, accommodation, agri-food shops and restaurants.

    During the spring, summer and autumn seasons, the Navarre Wine Route offers countless activities and wine-related experiences so visiting couples can discover, learn about and enjoy viniculture in Navarre.

    See the Navarre Wine Route experiences
Group of friends eating in a restaurant

Dinner in a special restaurant

Winning your partner’s heart with food will be a breeze in the Kingdom.

Navarrese gastronomy is a fiesta celebrated in all four corners of the Kingdom, in restaurants masterfully cooking up a mixture between tradition and the Avant Garde.

All you have to do is choose one of the magnificent restaurants with a Navarrese Seal for a special dinner, come and try more traditional flavours at a cider house, follow a pintxos route through Pamplona or even taste the mouth-watering local products at any of the local restaurants.

Because the food in Navarre is simply fantastic! Just look:

  • Restaurants in the Kingdom

    A culinary guide designed by prestigious chefs from the region, offering us new, healthy dishes, retaining the personality of the local products with heaps of innovation. Their recommendations are genuine culinary experiences.

    More information about Restaurants in the Kingdom
  • Zaldicook

    Not only are they renowned chefs and sommeliers, but also masters of the Navarrese vegetable plot, and passionate about local products. They specialise in giving personality to dishes through careful elaboration and abundant creativity.

    See the Zaldicook restaurants

If you need even more options to satisfy your hunger, we have served up the following:

Fruit and vegetable stand

Other gastronomic activities

If you are all about good food, Navarre has many gastronomic plans for spending quality - and delicious - time with your partner.

Accommodation: the icing on the cake

The Kingdom offers you a whole host of accommodation options, so you are sure to find what you are looking for when it comes to plans for two.

But if you are going for the wow factor, we have three recommendations:

  • Rural hotel room Boutique rural hotels

    Boutique rural hotels

    Ideal for relaxing and connecting with your partner.

  • Pools with jets from a spa Spas


    In the north and south of Navarre to pamper your body and mind.

  • Boy reading in a unique hotel room Unique accommodation

    Unique accommodation

    Luxury suites up a tree, caves, desert pods designed for stargazing or medieval castles.

Rural accommodation

Fitted out with great attention to detail, these places to stay offer the most tempting plans for you and your partner

Articlesof interest

Ideas para una escapada romántica a Navarra

Ideas para una escapada romántica a Navarra

Must-see Navarre

  • River Gorge Must-see nature

    Must-see nature

    Lose yourself in a millennial beech forest, contemplate the most turquoise waters you have ever seen in a river, or be thrilled by the emptiness of a desert landscape. All this and much more, all in Navarre.

  • Royal Palace of Olite at dusk Must-see culture

    Must-see culture

    Navarre is packed full of Romanesque architecture. Churches, convents, collegiate churches and historic urban centres that are right out of medieval legends. To discover the true identity of Navarre, you need to delve into its history. And we can tell you right from the start that there's nothing boring about it!

  • Cheese and rosé wine Must-see gastronomy

    Must-see gastronomy

    Enjoy some local speciality pintxos, taste rosé wine at its peak flavour, or try out some authentic traditional Navarrese cuisine...

    How long since you truly indulged?